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About the DSIL Engagement Challenge #1

Our community is the most important resource of the DSIL course. To tap into it, we need to talk to each other!

Your first project: is to start authentic conversations by making a quick (60-90 second) video introduction to one another.

This video will be a call to action: your goal is to get others to help you in achieving your purpose for DSIL. It is up to you to design your message and delivery, but below you will find some tools and a loose framework that can aid in the process of creation.

Deadline to submit your video is no later than Wednesday, October 8th. Your videos will stay private to the group if you request, yet by default we would like to post them on the participant only site and the DSIL Sound Board (our community blog).

Scan this entire page to learn more about a detailed approach and extra resources to aid your creative process. The DSIL Team is your resource and happy to support you in regards to providing general or technical feedback.

Note- we understand not everyone feels comfortable with 'type' of creativity, yet we encourage you to challenge yourself to learn a new and important way of communicating in our evermore connected society- through media. If you are still unsure, please email and we are happy to collaborate or work with you on discovering an alternative option.

3 Steps to Get Started:

First- The Purpose

Why are you joining? What do you want out of this course? What conversations do you want to have? Spend some time to distill these to 2-3 very concrete sentences. Solitude, calm music, and just writing everything from your mind may help in this process.

Very Specific Example: Early childhood stress is correlated with many conditions, such as heart attacks and alcoholism. We need to get parents to talk to doctors and conduct screening as a first step towards protecting their children. I would like to leverage my time with the DSIL community to uncover new insights and tools for tackling this issue.

Second- Story Ideation

Second, how might you show your purpose to others? What is a story around it? Who could impersonate it? What is the change in it? How does your purpose sound? How does your purpose feel?

Example: We talked to parents about their aspirations for their children to harness their genuine care for their children. We use this authentic connection to transmit our message.

Third- Story boarding + Protoyping

Third, try your ideas out with a makeshift storyboard. Draw on 4-5 post-its the images that would be on screen, and on 4-5 more post-its compose the soundtrack. Then shoot a prototype video and add the sounds you need. At the lowest resolution, this is possible to do by panning a smartphone camera over post-its, narrating, and putting on background music. See the example video below!

Example: Prototype-resolution video made in Powerpoint and iMovie.

Good Parents Screen.


Final video parameters:

  • 90 seconds or shorter.
  • Strive to have clear sound and prototype-resolution visuals.
  • You should be happy with how it conveys your ideas to the audience.
  • Do not spend extra time to make your video look pretty.
  • If you want free non-copyrighted music for your background, you can search sites like this one.
  • Upload to youtube, keep private, and share the link by emailing

Reminder- Deadline is Wednesday, October 8!

Please consider the DSIL team your resource! Email us with any questions or comments between now and October 8th:

Extra Resources to Get You Started!