Brought to you by the Sixth Grade

The LAST Pretzel Sale is THURSDAY, MAY 25!

  • Pretzels and water are 50 cents each.
  • Pretzel sale is held in the morning and all grades are welcome!
  • In order to ensure everyone gets a pretzel, there is a two pretzel limit!
  • Sixth graders run the event and bring the kids down to the sale.
  • Pretzels are Peanut Safe, from Jim's Pretzels in Richboro.
  • No need to pack a snack! Kids can eat their pretzels at snack tim!
  • For our younger patrons: send money in an envelope and indicate how many pretzels your child wants to purchase!
  • Proceeds benefit 6th grade and help to fund their end of year trip.

Thank you for supporting our 6th graders!

Upcoming Pretzel Sale Dates

Thursday 5/25


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