The five foundations

personal financeing

foundation 1 Saveing an emergency fund!

* High school students should keep at the least 500 dollars for emergencies only.

*The fund should be kept in the bank or somewere else hard to get access too.

*The fund should be kept seprate from your spending money.


foundation 2 Get out of debt!

*Make a budget.

*Set up automatic deductions.

*Cut costs.

*Change your spending habits/ know your money personality.

*Get help if necessary.


*DEBTS keep you from achieving financial seccess.

*Oweing anythig to anyone is debt .

*Stop growing interest.

*Get out of the negitive so you can grow torwds the positive.

foundation 3 Pay cash for your car!

*The average U.S monthly car payment is 475 dollars....

*Buy a cheap car(2,000) dollars ,just to get you around for 12 mounths.

*Save the 475 dollars that your not spending on a new car loan for the 12 months.

*Sell the cheap car.

*BUY the new car with cash !!!!!!

*Repeat this untill you have your dream car.

*REMEMBER avoid being trapped by car loans and debts.

foundation 4 Pay cash for college!

*Do not take out student loans.

*Apply for scholarships.

*Apply for financial aids...federal,state,military,ect.


*Savings,income from working,parental contributions,ect.

*REMEMBER student loans haunt you into adulthood , start fresh!!!!!

Foundation 5 Build wealth!

Once you have your money its time to use it , but remember your skills you've learned, and use it wisely!!

*After what you have learned you should have alot of money as long as your skills were put to good use, if they were put to good use then you should concider following theses last few steps.

*Be giving.

* Give to yourself.

*Give to your family's future.

*Give to those who are in need.