The Evolution of Art!

Lance D.

How, Where and WHEN did art originate!?

Everyone knows The stories of cavemen drawing on walls to tell the story of the day they had, but not many people know that after the cavemen drawings came many more drawings that changed the course of how art came to be. These impacted the way our art is now and what we do in art. The first drawings/ creations ever made to be considered as art were made around the Paleolithic age (25,000-8000 BC), and this is where the cavemen came in.

How has art changed over the years?

Over the years, art has evolved in many different ways. Different mediums in art are being used, different software is being used/created, and overall, different products are being made to create new types of art.

You can find many new types of art at museums, stores, shops and many other places, almost anywhere you go you can see examples of the types art. Some examples are 3D printer creations, new paintings, games, logos and there are many more examples that would fit into the new art category.

The medium an artwork is made out of is a very crucial part in the success of art. For people that don't know what an example of medium in art would be, it would be like using charcoal, colored pencils, crayons, pretty much anything that you use to fill in/ color your artwork, even pencil! The mediums of new art are pretty much the same as regular art/ older art, paint/ charcoal are the most commonly used, except for games, games use the medium of art called pixels! many pixels art used into making a single design in a game!

What art could you make with the software we have?

Because the world is changing so fast and technology is evolving, so is art. 3D printers are a growing topic in the world of art and may become available in museums and many other places, with 3D printers you can make whatever you want! Even with games you can make almost anything your mind desires!

What is good about art made from software is that you can make your creations available to the public by sharing online, you can share copies and make different versions of the art, and you can redo/ erase if you mess up!
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