The time the Natives cried

javonta y. and tremaine y.

trail of tears

Choctaw was the first tribe to leave.They had to leave to new land that the government provided.The next tribe that left Cherokee because of there chief didn't want to stay and they just left.The next tribe was Seminole they did leave with out a fight it went on for 10 years they didn't just give up that easy like the other tribes.They didn't want to give there land away without a fight.They Seminole lost the war and was forced in stocked to go on the trip guard like prisoners. the chiefs ask the gods to help the mothers of there tribe to give them strength to take care of their kids.When a female died a whit flower would go white peals and gold in inside for the gold that was taken from tham

John Marshell

John Marshell was born on september 24,1755 in germantown/virgina.He was the forth chief justice.He was the chief of the courts.His opinions helped the United States.He resigned his military application and studied law.he begun being the chief after George Washinton died.

javonta and tremaine young