Kemal,Daniel, Evan Peak Expedition

Want to climb Everest? We have the experience to help you.

Economic impacts

Climbing Everest has many pros and cons. if you want to climb mount Everest you must be physical and mentally prepared. the expense is a lot of money, costing you $25,000 and a climbing permit may cost around $3350. But in the off-season, the expense is lowered 50% to 75% ( ). But in the positives, everest pulls in a lot of money for the Sherpas since tourism is big there.
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The climate of Everest is hostile to people and animals. The hottest average day temperature in (summer) is only about −2 °F on the summit; in January, summit temperatures average −33 °F (−36 °C) and can drop as low as −76 °F (−60 °C). Storms can come up suddenly, and temperatures can fall unexpectedly. The peak of Everest is so high that it reaches the lower limit of the by sustained winds of more thane jet stream, and it can be slowed 100 miles per hour. Precipitation falls as snow during the summer monsoon (late May to mid-September). The risk of frostbite to climbers on Everest is super extreme.(

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Preparations for climbing

Swimming, running, biking around, weight lifting and climbing are all ways to improve and get to the "peak"of your physical condition. Endurance, stamina, and strength are all necessary. In anticipation of loss of weight on Everest, most proactive climbers try to gain a little weight before their trip. Climbers train for everest in other ways. one is climbing other mountains, like Kilimanjaro.
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Holly Angelo's Report.....

Youngest boy climbs everest. 14 yr old Sunjo Sherpa Climbs Mount Everest with help of Peak marcello. " i'm going to go back to school with my sisters with the money the endorsements gave me." Sunjo says. Sunjo lives in Nepal, but was born Tibetan. " this will help the Tibet politics." Zopa, Sunjo's grandfather, says. Peak Marcello now returns home to new york.

Joshua Wood

Joshua Wood is a top class climber. He has climbed many of the highest mountain peaks in the world. The thing with Josh is that he is not a very good father. He is not a very good father because he took his son Peak with him to go climb Mount Everest without even telling Peaks mother. Josh definitely knows how to run a climbing exhibition. On Josh's Everest exhibition, he knew how high to go up for a climb and how far down to go after a climb.