A Stop to Hunger

By: Bhargavi Sarangapani

The Situation

Many suburban areas consist of low- income families that cannot at least two meals to feed their family. Because this occurs in so many places, people cannot receive their daily nutrients and vitamins to give them energy. As said in a recent USDA report, research showed that in 2008, an estimated 49 million people, including 17 million children, lived on households that experienced hunger multiple times in a year. What can we do as a community to solve this?

What's Important? Is this a Good Idea?

It is very important to support the cause of spreading the word about these low- income families and what they need because it decreases on problem our town faces. Ending local hunger strengthens the community as a whole and sends a message to everyone that people like us, which we probably see everyday without knowing, suffer from not receiving enough food. If we supply food with the help of local organizations, there will also be more families with food, as children and adults are less hungry with our support. So, a call to action would be to gather a group of people in a neighborhood and start a fundraising event to raise money for these families.

An Organization that Supports this Cause

The Emergency Food Assistance Program (TEFAP) is a program that gives many low- income Americans a variety of emergency food and nutrition assistance to supplement their diet at no cost. Here is a QR code that gives more information about this organization.
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