How bad are the Lenski kids?

The Lenski kids are the worst kids in the street. No babysitter wants to look after them.

The Lenski kids always scared their baby sitters so there mum and dad never went out to watch a movie.

The Author and Illustrator.

The Author was Libby Hathorn and the illustrator was Peter Viska.

The Characters

The Characters are Noel with the red hair that stood up in spikes all over his head, he has freckles, a wide mouth that turned down at the edges.

Samantha with brownie-red hair straight as sticks, and a fringe that covered her eye brows, she was tall as noel and nearly as tough even though she was only eight.

Craig had pink hair that feel in beautiful ringlets round his head. He looked like an angel but he hardly ever acted like one.

Mr and Mrs Lenski were nicer than SpongeBob and Kim Kip was the babysitter that had the Lenski kids under control 24/7.

The Setting

The setting was placed mostly in the backyard pool and inside their house.

My Opinion

My Opinion was this book would be suitable for kids 13 and under because the other ages will think its boring. My favourite part was when Noel got thrown into the pool by Dracula and I rated the book 4/5