Mary Kay Letourrneau

By: Terricka Thompson

Biographical Information

  • When and where she was born

* she was born on January,30,1962 in Orange county, California

  • Parents

* she was the child of Mary Schmitz and the college professor John Schmitz

  • Significant childhood events

* During her childhood Mary Kay had a younger brother who was 3 years old. Mary Kay parents had told her to watch him. Mary had gotten distracted and her brother Philip had fallen in the pool and drowned .

* Marys Father had gotten cancer when she became a teacher and later on died


*During her education Mary Kay attended Arizona State University in Washington D.C. College was her highest level of education she graduated with a Bachelors Degree


* Her job was a 2nd grade elementary school teacher at Shorewood Elementry School

Signifacant Events

* There were a lot of significant events that happen during Mary Kay's incident.
  • The gas was only $1.29
  • Bread was .89 a loaf
  • On March 4th 1997 President Clinton had banded federal founded human cloning research

Details of crime

* There weren't many details of what happened between Mary and the 5th grader. Mary was a 2nd grade teacher and came in contact with 11 year old Vili Fualaau in the 5th grade. Mary had started talking to vili and told him he had an artistic ability. Mary began to start helping vili at school and decided to invite him to her house to help him. Mary had then gotten a close relationship with vili. After a few monthspast she had claimed that he was her soulmate and told her close friend. They began to have sexual relationships and she had gotten pregnant by him.


* The vitims of this sitution were Mary Kay Letourneau and Vili Fualaau.


* Evidence that proves that she have been in contact with a 5th grader had shown when she was sending love letters to him and had gotten pregnant by him.

Outcome of the case

* The outcome of the case came to show that Mary had been arrested and sent to trial. She had plead guilty to the rape of Vili. The judge had given her 7 years of prison and 3 months under the certain conditions. The condition was that she couldn't come in contact with Vili Fualaau ever again.


* Mary is still alive and had married Vili with 4 children.They had recently had there 10th anniversary


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