February 1-10, 2016

Can you believe it's already FEBRUARY?!?

It's cliche, but it's true - time flies when you're having fun! Seems like just yesterday we were playing at a football game and now we're just three weeks away from the Chamber Music Festival. Crazy!

Thanks to everyone who participated in Viking Navigation Night last week! We get to see the 6th graders every day and they were all very excited about North and the band! We are very proud of our band kids - they are our best recruiting tool! It was very cool to see all of our athletes and clubs sporting their gear too. We are so thankful to be in a place where kids are supported in multiple activities, and even more fortunate that our students try their best to be successful in every one of their commitments.

I'll keep this update brief, as we really all should be outside enjoying this lovely day (and practicing, of course!). :)


We will have the same sectional schedule as last week!


Wear or bring your band shirt! We will take the following pictures during your band class:

Symphonic 2 - 3rd period

Symphonic 1, All-Region, Jazz Band, Officers - 4th period

Concert, Intermediate Band - 5th period

If you are in Jazz Band or All-Region Band and not in 4th period band class, we will write you a pass to join us for the picture. We will most likely do this at the beginning of 4th period.


We're quickly approaching the end of the 4th six weeks. Students should check with their directors and make sure they have everything that has been assigned passed-off. Please review your child's goal sheet, sign it, and it's due one week from tomorrow (Feb. 8).


Here is your weekly reminder to make sure that if your child is playing a solo at the Chamber Festival, they should already have called and scheduled 2 rehearsals with their accompanist. Many students have already rehearsed once, and many more are rehearsing this week.

All soloists must also have the ORIGINAL copy of their solo to give to the judge. I'm asking all soloists to let me know when they have acquired their solo. Once everyone has their music, we will bring it to class and discuss how it should look when you bring it into the performance room with you. It should be clean, labeled with your name and Richardson NORTH Jr. High, and your measures should be neatly numbered.

All students are hard at work on an ensemble as well. We encourage our students to find times to get together with their ensemble partners and find times to rehearse outside of class. You really learn a lot about being a musician when playing in a small ensemble, and you learn even more if you work on it on your own!

Last week, Symphonic 2 got to hear the progress that the oboe section has made. Shown below is Mary Grace coaching Anna and Amanda on their trio - and they sounded awesome!

Big image


We still have several students who have not turned in their candy money. This is a major fundraiser for us, so please gently remind them to take care of that as soon as possible. :) All students are asked to sell at least one box.

We will no longer accept unsold candy (excluding the first box) after this Friday. After that, we will only accept what is owed for the box. That way we can at least close out our books for this fundraiser. We still have about 10 boxes to sell, so if you're able to take one or two to work, church, basketball game, etc., please let us know! We appreciate it!



Please be sure you've marked your calendars for our rehearsals during the week of February 8. We will not have normal sectionals that week - only full band rehearsals for Symphonic 1 and 2.

TUESDAY, FEB. 9 - 7:00am

Symphonic 1 Rehearsal

WEDNESDAY, FEB. 10 - 7:00am

Symphonic 2 Rehearsal

Donuts will be served at 6:45am, so get 'em while they're hot! Please do not schedule tutoring during these times since this is our only before/after school time together next week.

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We look forward to seeing everyone tomorrow and let's have another amazing week!