Buchtel CLC 7&8

Annual Library Report


  • Yearly Attendance - 10,747
  • Yearly Class Visits - 413
  • Yearly Circulation - 2,333
  • Books - 1,993
  • eBooks - 340
  • Yearly Electronic Resources - 6,393
  • Yearly Curriculum Supports Requests - 103
  • Number of Computers in the LRC - 23

Library Program Achievements

  • Consider new ways to promote reading by supplying learners with downloadable audio books, playaways, iPads and eBooks.
  • Gale Resources available online.
  • eBooks are embed on our website to encourage reading and support learning.
  • New titles added to our eBook collection this year.
  • Ten iPads are available for use in the LRC.
  • Provide strategies for collecting and evaluating information.
  • Teach learners how to communicate and participate creatively and engagingly when doing research by introducing new interactive and engaging communication tools for student projects.
  • Organize the Web for learners by teaching students how to create a blog or website in order to pull together resources to meet their specific information needs.

Technology Used / Taught in the LRC


Weebly - Website Creation Health Class Example

Wordpress - Blogging

Animoto - Video Creation Example

Kerpoof - Digital Stories

Scoopit - Curation

Stich.it - Link Websites Together

Creative Commons - Open Source Digital Media

Follett eBook Collection - Buchtel CLC ⅞

Easy Bib

OPAC - Online Catalog

APS Portal Training

INFOhio - Science Online, Science Reference Center, World Book, Book Flix etc.


Typing Web



APS Portal Authentication

Blizzard Bag Lessons


MAP - Teacher Training

Scanner Help/Training

INFOhio - New features

APS Portal Training

Google Drive


Follett eBook Collection

Smore - Creative Fliers Online Example

Newsela – Common Core Informational Texts Differentiated by Reading Levels

Teach Engineering - Engineering Concepts Grades K-12

Only 2 Clicks -Links to Websites to Integrate Technology

TV 411 - Vocabulary Building

Digital Literacy

Easy Bib

OPAC - Online Catalog

Weebly - Website Creation

Kerpoof - Digital Stories

Keyword Searching

How to Integrate Technology into Lessons


Science Fair


Highlights of the Year

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Book Club

The Maple Valley Public Teen Librarian, Emmalee Coontz, Buchtel 7&8 library staff and students enjoyed a collaborative lunch time book club meeting on Wednesdays during lunch in the library. The members of the book club completed three books this school year, The Maze of Bones by Rick Riordan, The Maze Runner by James Dashner, and Wonder by R. J. Palacio. Our book club averaged around 15 to 20 students weekly.

Bagels & Books

Buchtel’s second annual Bagels and Books event was a huge success. Members of the staff were invited to the LRC on April 16th to be the first to preview the new titles for the 2015 school year, including our new eBooks, and enjoy a special bagel treat. Staff was able to put new titles on reserve and were first to check them out. Students were invited to the new book preview the following day and were also able to check out the new titles and eBooks. The preview is very helpful for collection development, teacher collaboration, and fostering a love for reading.

The Collection