summer reading 2014

Neely Cradshaw

In the book Bleachers, by John Girisham there is a man named Neely he is a protagonist. For example Neely was an all american quarterback out of the high school Messina. Neely was in college when he had a tramatising injury that ruiened his football career. Neely had a love for his amazing coach, coach Rake. He also had a spot that was not so loving to his coach. the coach was diying from cancer so the former players came back to show the care they have for there amazing coach/ ledgen in there small town of Messina.

Literary Elements

Some literary elements advance the plot and help make it stronger. For example the setting is alot of flashbacks. Flashbacks strongens the plot because it shows all of the good and bad memories that each player had with their coach, (coach Rake). Another element that strongens the plot is the theme of mood. I think this because the mood is uplifting to so many players and people in the town of Messina that think of coach Rake as a perservered and kind man who has left his mark on the town.

Praise or Pan

I would praise this book for a couple of reasons. One reason that i praise the book is that it was a sports book and i enjoy thoes kinds of books alot. Another reason i praise it is because it wasnt to hard or to easy it was just right for me and I am an avrage reader. thoes are just some of the many reasons that I liked the book Bleachers.