Our Class News

From Mrs. Shuman and Mrs. Jendron's Third Grade Class

Class News

Hello Everyone,

This week will be awesome! It is a great time to be in third grade!!!!

We are working on:

  1. Multiplication and division in math- Keep practicing your math triangles!
  2. We are working our way through Unit 5 in math. It is all about place value and large numbers.
  3. Learning new games to challenge our brains. Play Number Top-It with your child!
  4. Working on our homes unit- be sure to follow the link and read all about it
  5. Using our grammar and spelling skills to develop our imaginative writing skills- we are also writing practice prompts for the ERB Writing Assessment in January and practiced a fun one about a remote control that transported your child to a new place!.
  6. Using graphic organizers to help us train our brains to be organized and thoughtful with the work we create. We practiced with a new one today that looked like a mountain!
  7. Practicing cursive handwriting and building our stamina when writing
  8. Spelling Sort #12- read the description of the rules for this week and have the kids sort at home
  9. Focus on Native American culture- we have tied it to the Homes unit
  10. Practicing our newly acquired problem solving skills in math (which apply to every aspect of our lives!)
  11. Reading awesome non-fiction articles for geography and natural resources in home development.

We hope your week is as great as ours! We love your kids- thank you for sharing them with us!!!!!!!

Mrs. Shuman and Mrs. Jendron