Stinson Circular

March 23rd-27th

This Week at Stinson ...

Monday, March 23
  • 2nd grade TELPAS @ 8:00 / 3rd grade TELPAS @ 10:00
  • 3:00 Rocks
  • STAAR A & L test admin training @ 3:15 in Science Lab

Tuesday, March 24

  • 4th grade TELPAS @ 9:00
  • Fire drill @ 2:00
  • Cup Stacking Club @ 3:00 in Fitness Room

Wednesday, March 25

  • 5th grade TELPAS @ 8:00
  • 4th grade STAAR training @ 7:55 in Lara's room
  • 5th grade STAAR training @ 9:45 in Lindsey's room
  • PALM/hall monitors STAAR training @ 10:45 in Art room
  • Chipotle orders due to Shelly or Sandy
  • Staff Meeting @ 3:10 - PACE Updates

Thursday, March 26

  • Small group/hall monitors STAAR training @ 3:15 in Prenzi's room

Friday, March 27

  • Fun Friday - Chipotle & desserts
  • Report Cards go home
  • Kindergarten Round-Up @ 9-11 & 1-3 in gym
  • Star Power lunch @ 11:30 in conference room
  • Mad Science after school program

Coming Up ...

  • March 30th: STAAR 4 Writing
  • March 31st: STAAR 4 Writing / 5 Reading
  • April 1-2: STAAR make-ups
  • April 2: TSR Parts II & III due for teachers appraised on PDAS this year / 1st grade field trip to Arboretum
  • April 3: Spring Holiday, No School

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FISH Philosophy @ Stinson

Be Present
  • "1st grade jumped in to help with 3:00 Rocks carpool this week. Thanks!" -from Whitney
  • "Thank you, Trey, for always being so positive and encouraging!" -from Whitney
  • "Katie, thank you for going over STAAR logistics with me! I really appreciate it." -from Julie
  • "Thank you, Mrs. Prenzi, for all of the hard work you put into organizing such an amazing field trip to the Perot Museum. Our kiddos had a blast learning many new things!" -from Laura
  • "1st grade, thanks for helping with carpool at 3:00 Rocks!" -from K Team
  • "Akemi made some awesome board maker charts for me. Thanks, Akemi!" -from Whitney
  • "Third Grade, thankful for a team that can pull together when a crazy week gets even crazier!" -from Jenia
  • "Trey, thank you for giving up your planning time to cover Robyn's class while she was in a long-winded meeting. You're awesome!" -from Judy
  • "Thank you, Ms. Nette, for entertaining our kiddos with the flashlight during the lockdown. You make everyday fun for me!" -from Loretta
  • "Thank you, Lindsey and Jeremy, for taking part in our little play today!" -from Loretta
  • "Thank you, Lori and Trey, for loaning me your classes for the play!" -from Loretta

Choose Your Attitude

  • "Jenia, Misti, Aly, and Kathey ... for making sure Tammy's kids had all their work out for Open House. Great teamwork!" -from Michele
  • Thanks to my team who stepped in so that I could be out this week. Thanks, guys!" -from Tammy

Make Their Day

  • "To the Stinson Staff for making the building look beautiful for Open House. We know how much extra work goes into getting everything done and ready. We appreciate all of you!" -from Michele and Katie
  • "Carson, thanks for jumping right in without a second thought and agreeing to be a newspaper advisor with us. We are so excited to have your expertise on this project!" -from Robyn and Lara
  • "Thank you, Cheryl, for my visit to Maker Space. So much fun!" -from Loretta


  • "Stephanie, thanks for letting me borrow your fabulous gown for 'Pitiful Paper'!" -from Katie
  • "Loretta ... for letting the students paint at Open House. You are wonderful and brave!" -from Michele
  • "What a wonderful in-school field trip Aly planned for 3rd grade. She had Lego building and every student got to participate. It was fun to watch them build and create!" -from Michele
  • "Love that Cathy G. was letting her students teach their parents how to use Padlet at Open House!" -from Michele

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