Augusto Pinochet (Chile)

November 25th, 1915 -- December 10th, 2006

Essential Question

How did the image that Pinochet portrayed to the people allow him the power to be such a ruthless dictator of Chile?

Profile of Leader

Augusto Pinochet's confidence allowed him to be viewed as a hero to the majority of Chile. Born as Augusto (Jose Ramon) Pinochet Ugarte on November 25th, 1915 in Valparaiso, Chile. 1935: Joined Chilean army. 1973: Overthrew Allende government; appointed Commander in Chief. 1973-90: Was Chile's Dictator. 1981-9: Eight-year presidential term. Arrested in London in October 1998, for 'crimes of genocide and terrorism'. (Stayed in power from 1973-1998.) Early 2000: Placed under house arrest. 2002: Chilean Supreme Court ruled proceedings against him be suspended for good. 2004: Court of Appeal stripped him of immunity to prosecution, paving way for trial on charges of human rights abuses during his rule. Died on December 10th, 2006 in Santiago, Chile, never standing trial for crimes he was accused of. (His cause of death was from complications of surgery.) His rise in military positions allowed him to eventually reach the height of dictator. The traits and qualities he developed in the military allowed him to become a powerful leader. These traits include discipline, courage, and strength. All three traits combined help to create his heroic image to the people.

Pictures of Augusto Pinochet:

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Pinochet's Propaganda Poster

In the propaganda poster shown above, in the larger words, Pinochet is being called a hero (in Spanish). The smaller words, "Guerrero Contra Marxism" translates to 'Warrior Against Marxism'. The date '9/11/1973' is when Augusto overthrew Salvador Allende and established himself as the head of the ensuing military regime, when he got total power. His pose portrays his confidence, standing tall, and almost humble-looking. He is standing in front of the Chilean flag, basically meaning he stands for his country and his people. Pinochet's uniform represents his military experience and his power over the Chilean population. Overall, this propaganda poster was intended to make him look like an amazing leader of Chile.

Acrostic Poem: PINOCHET


Intelligent ruler, that was

Never prosecuted

On any of his

Crimes against humanity.

Hero to mostly

Everyone, despite his ruthless,

Terrible, evil actions as ruler.