Counter Culture

By: Brian Fuller

Feminist Movement

This part of women rights is known as the second wave of women feminism. They want better education for women. More job opportunities and other things that could be equal to men. They also want control over there lives and for men not to boss them around. Recently women have been protesting the Miss America Pageant that it was judging women in bad and wrong ways.

Latino Movement

This is also called the Chicano Movement or Chicano Civil Rights Movement depending on who your talking to. They said that there goal is to promote Mexican american empowerment. Many students have said that they have done walk outs to protest their rights. Also they said that they are mad about the high Hispanic death rate in Vietnam. As well as the continued discrimination at home.

Native Americans

Natives Americans have become very aggressive recently for their own rights. They also have went to court to try to recover what is left of their original tribal lands. Confrontation has started to become very common with natives and officials. Recently 78 Native Americans took over Alcatraz until officials made them leave. Also many of them have been trying to gain there rights that everyone else has in the U.S. They also have been getting a lot of bad stereotypes about them and I really hope that they don't last.

Counterculture Movement

These people are known for being against war and violence and for being peaceful. They are also known for listening to peaceful music and being very relaxed and not having a care in the world. They are also known for smoking drugs and other things. They also try to not be in the social norm and try to pave their own way. Also they are known for peace signs and other things involving Woodstock.
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