Sir Francis Drake

by Brady W.

And so it Begins

Sir Francis Drake was born sometime between 1540 and 1544 in Tavistock, England. Sir Francis Drakes dad was a minister for the navy.Drake was also the eldest of 12 sons. Drake grew up near the sea. He later found himself living and working on ship. He had no idea how much that would change throughout the years.

Sailing the Sea

Drake’s first expedition was with John Hawkins. He captained the ship Judith, along with six other ships that made up the fleet. Hawkins first led the fleet to Africa and captured people for the slave trade. Then they sailed across the Atlantic to the New World. They sold the slaves at a Spanish port,but they were betrayed. Spanish warships attacked them and destroyed most of the ships. Drake and Judith were able to make it out alive, but Drake never forgave Spain.
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Privateer or Pirate

After being attacked by the Spanish warships Drake became a privateer. So what he would do is attack the enemy ships of Britain but mostly Spanish ships. To the Spanish, he was a pirate but to the British he was a hero because he destroyed the enemy ships making only himself rich.Many people think that he was a pirate because he stole thing from the Spanish and kept it for himself.
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