Ms. Lenihan's Update

Week 3

When life gives you lemons..make lemonade...

This was a packed week with tons of things going on, but what impressed me the most, was the students willingness to make lemonade out of lemons. We are now deep into our curriculum and moving fast and furious through the content. So one day, our PE teacher brought us some extra plastic gallon milk jugs, however I had no plan or intention of using them! (He was just trying to get rid of them.) So what do I do? I look to the students and ask them does anyone want to go home and engineer something out of nothing? We only have a certain number of hours in a day, and I always wish it were more. There is never enough time. So what do the students bring back? One student fixed a classroom problem, not having a place to put our pencils on the carpet-and she made a pencil holder. The other student made a bird feeder to help the birds at our school! So we went outside and hung the bird feeder, which we now check every day. We can use it to graph data, explore habitats, and collect scientific observations.

Upcoming in the classroom...

This week we actually did not get as far as planned and we did not finish our Math Test. So please remind your students for MATH we are going to continue testing Word Problems tomorrow, Monday 9/19, to finish our unit.

In science we will continue our Scientific Investigation Unit, and hopefully get to 2 more experiments in order to identify the parts of the investigation as well as the variables, constants, and form hypotheses.

In reading we will continue our new unit on How to Build a Reader's Life, establishing strong reading habits. We will start using for shared reading on Monday, so please ask your child if they were able to log in. Also, please PLEASE make sure your child is bringing his/her device fully charged every day. It is their responsibility as a digital citizen and as a part of our class. They can download the IA App if they have an Ipad.

In word study we will continue with our Pokemon! If a student got a 4 on the test we took on Friday, then they get more Pokemon badges. Please make sure your child is completing their new word study homework every night.

Big image

Triathlons all stars!! Rachel and Alyssa above got their medals for completing the Brambleton Tri. I couldn't be more proud!! Such athletes!!


We will be having our second lock down drill tomorrow, Monday 9/19, so please remind your children to take this seriously and to feel comfortable here at our school.

Also click the link below to find our Reading and Math Homework...(in case your child forgets their homework folder that night)