Schwalbea americana AKA American Chaffseed

You are searching for a organism that is 1.0-2.6 ft in height, and It has large purplish-yellow, tublular flowers.

Where to find it

The american chaffseed is a hemiparasite that feeds from the roots of a range of associated woody species. This species now only occurs at 51 sites, and 15 distinct populations in, New Jersery, North and South Carolina, Georgia, Florida and Mississippi.
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This species has been considered endangered since 1992

The Schwelbea americana AKA the American chaffseed population is declining more and more each decade. This organism is threatened by, Residential development, Road-building, Inappropriate mowing regimes, Over-collection, and fire suppression.

How to recover the american chaffseed

The U.S fish and wildlife service are focused on trying to get the 50 residents where the chaff seed is still available permanent long time protection. Also, they are trying to expand the extent of the American chaff seed in the northern portion of Northern range.