12 Years after the storm

Indian 2004 Earthquake Tsunami

The storm affect hundred thousands

This storm was across 14 countries including Indonesia and india. This storm killed 230000 Not only was it a fatal storm it scared many. Also tor apart many families.

This storm was one of a kind

This storm was not only a 9.1-9.3 earthquake it was a 30 meter (100 feet) high tsunami wave. Not only those storms but multiple earthquakes and tsunami waves but not as fierce. This lasted 10 minutes.

How it happened

This storm happened because the Indian plate subducted which caused the Burma plate to sub duct. By this happening it caused multiple tsunamis to form. Also it caused earthquakes as far away as Alaska. This caused the earth to vibrate a cenetimeter

When it happened and where

This mega thrust storm happened on December 26 (the day after Christmas) since this storm was right after Christmas it affected millions of families losing everything they had just gotten and more. So you could say this was a very very HUGE storm