Interracial Relationships

Interracial Relationships: The Growing Trend

Interracial Relationships: The Growing Trend

Interracial relationships is growing enormously in all the countries crossing the regional barriers. The number of interracial marriages has been arose to 150% more in the past 8 years by this data we can know how interracial relationship and interracial marriages has been growing enormously. Sew research report shows one in every 7 marriages are interracial marriages in America. The most of the configuration is like white male/black women or white women /Asian men, these are the positive symptoms of interracial dating. Latin Americans are the second most to date outside of their race and African Americans stood the third position.

This is not unusual that people are dating interracially, they must cross many hurdles in or to convert their interracial relationship into interracial marriage. This is also interesting that how people are attached to other religious customs and belief.

Why many people are finding about interracial dating and making interracial relationships by many people who are well educated and professional in their life. People always think that we have rich family history, if someone in their family goes to interracial marriages then their history and background will be waived off and their catholic culture will be no longer exists. This is only their misconception we need to change according to the society and interracial relationships are not at all a crime anymore.

When black women interacts with black men they share their history like slavery, racism which is known to both of them. There are some people like to date white women it’s a pollard stated that “I always prefer dating with white women because black women are trippen” So here what interesting in case of pollard is cheating. So everyone has their own view on interracial dating. Interesting thing on pollard is he find white women exotic and interesting to him.

Weather it may be intra race or inter race first we need to think that our mind set has to be change regarding interracial relationships. We need to rethink how many are thinking in a positive prospective and how many are against to it. People who are in interracial relationships should not let go out of their tradition.