History Perspective project

By: Jack Simpson

We had no part in the French and Indian war yet we were still forced to fight and lose countless lives. We are an independent nation and England is making us fight in their conflicts. They sent us here to make our own rules without British rule. We are not nearly as wealthy as Britain yet we have to pay for the war. We are starting to be taxed very highly to pay off the debt between Britain and France.

We sent colonists to the New World to spread British rule and to follow it. So these colonists are and always have been under British rule. And since the colonies are part of Britain they are part of our army and should participate and pay for the war. And after the war is paid for both the colonies and Britain will benefit and eventually unite.

Proclamation of 1763

As colonists, we should have the right to colonize anywhere we want. Britain is starting to make unjust laws and this is by far the worst one so far. They think that the less we colonize the easier it is to govern which they have no right to do anyways. There is so much land to discover west of the appellations but these restrictions are keeping us from accomplishing our goal to colonize.

Keeping the colonies organized and in a small area is a great thing to do in many ways. For one, it is much easier to govern them because things can get out of control with larger colonies. Natives also live west of the appellations so keeping them separate will also keep peace. So in all, the colonies are much better off staying east of the appellations for their own safety and for their own good.

Boston Massacre

The soldiers that shot and killed the men and women of Boston should be put to death immediately. For them to open fire on a crowd and kill innocent civilians are absolutely intolerable and should be executed for their actions. Britain does not belong in our country and they should all be sent back to their home country.

On the day of the shooting, there were many angered people. Most screamed at us, some threw ice balls with rocks in it, and some even tried beating us with clubs. They were all acting inappropriate in every way so we fired in self-defense. In no way did we fire upon the people in anger or in retaliation just to protect ourselves.

Townshend acts

We are still being taxed unfairly and this is the worst of them all. They are taxing everything from paper to tea and lead. We are still trying to find ways to end this taxation without representation and above all, to find freedom.

The people of the colonies still do not understand that this will eventually get better and end up with peace. We are taxing them for the greater good of the people and is a small problem that isn’t going to last very much longer.

Boston Tea Party

Britain deserves what they got. We are tired of being taxed on highly used products like tea. These actions may not have been legally right but morally we have won our fellow American’s pride. We have officially taken on the most powerful country in the world and we are ready to fight for our freedom.

The colonies are getting out of control and as a country we need to do something about it. They should pay for all of the property they have destroyed and our armies should start practicing martial law to get the colonists of America under control and under our law.