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Introductory Newsletter

Hello! Because we send out our newsletter electronically, we needed a tool that would allow live links and options to embed multi-media. We also like this S'more newsletter for the ease of reading on mobile devices. Hope the information is helpful to you. Contact us with any questions.


Greetings from the art room! My name is Kristi Eckert and it is my pleasure to teach art at Wildwood Elementary. This is my 9th year teaching art at Wildwood. All kindergarten students come to the art room once a week for 45 minutes. First and second grade students come to the art room once a week for 50 minutes. During this time we look at, discuss and create a variety of artwork. My mission is to inspire children to be creative. I believe art should be interactive and fun. I try to expose all students to a variety of artists, art styles, concepts, techniques and cultures. We will be learning how to use line, shape, form, color, value, texture and space; these are the Elements of art and are the ingredients all artists use.


Welcome! I'm Mrs. Oswald, the Library Media Specialist. This is my 23rd year of teaching, but my 15th year at WW. First and second graders have Library-Media once a week for 50 minutes and kindergartners have it for 45 min once a week. During these times we learn information literacy skills whether it be through learning about books and finding information or technology skills in the computer lab or iPad cart. More information can be found in the welcome letter here.

The K-5 Media program is a tiered curriculum where students learn the skills to access resources in our world of information. Among some of the curricular topics that WW and OHA Media programs cover are: author studies, genre studies, award winning books, online catalog, ebooks, reading for pleasure, computer parts, Internet safety, file management, MS Office and Google Applications, tablet computing, basic computer programming, plagiarism/copyright, and online collaboration.

Our online catalog, Follett Destiny is accessible at school and home, and our e-books are available though our MackinVia account. E-books can be checked out in addition to the students' print books. More information will be coming home soon regarding how to access these. The Library-Media website can be accessed by clicking on this link.

We are very excited to work with your children! Contact us with any questions.


Hello from Kathy Schwister and Jen Seckora, Wildwood Music Specialists. Wildwood students have music twice weekly for 25 minutes per session. Mrs. Schwister teaches all Second Grade and half of Kindergarten while Mrs. Seckora teaches all First Grade and the other half of Kindergarten.

In music, students sing, dance, move, play instruments and singing games from around the world, and participate in SMART board based music activities. Basic music literacy skills will be learned by 2nd Grade, emphasizing rhythm and melodic notation as well as good singing practices.

Each grade level will be involved in a program performance during the year. First graders perform on Tuesday evening, March 10 and Second Graders on Thursday evening, March 12 at the Chautauqua Fine Arts Center next to Mahtomedi High School. All students participate in the school-wide Singalong in December and year-end music lyceums. First Grade will travel to Northrop Auditorium on November 22 to see the Univ. of Minnesota Marching Band Concert and Second Grade will host Copper Street Brass for a concert in May. Both grade levels will participate in Talent Days during the year.

Our goal is for each child to find success and challenge in music, as well as have fun. Each child is encouraged to build a life-long love for and curiosity about music and the performing arts. We look forward to making music with your child this year! Further details about Wildwood Music on the Wildwood Website>Music Page click HERE.

Physical Education

Hi! I am Betsy Sommer, physical education teacher at Wildwood. All students have physical education twice a week for 25 minutes.

Students will be most comfortable and most able to participate in physical activities if they wear athletic clothes and tennis shoes on gym days. Clothes may get dirty when we are outside and inadequate dress may increase the risk of accidents. Please no sandals, boots or dress shoes on gym days!

If at any time your child is unable to participate in physical activities because of sickness or injury, please send me a note. If there is a long term illness or an existing medical problem, please send a doctor’s note to excuse your child from participating in physical education.

My goal is to provide our students with a quality, developmentally appropriate, fun, physical education experience filled with a variety of activities.

I look forward to another great year!


Hello from Julie Niehaus Comfort.

I am thrilled to be teaching STEM again this year!
Get ready for an exciting year where you will learn to collaborate with your classmates, complete engineering challenges, and sharpen your senses as you venture out to the outdoor classroom to learn about local plants, animals and weather.

This is my 21st year teaching in the district, with 11 years at Wildwood. I love the curiosity and "love of life" that you bring into our lives!

I live in Mahtomedi with my husband Jeff, and children Tim and Stephanie. Tim is attending his third year of college, and Stephanie is a senior in high school. Our family loves spending time together, especially in the great outdoors! Our favorite place is at the cabin, sailing, swimming, skiing and surfing. In the winter we like to ski, snowboard, snowshoe and snowmobile. Some of my other hobbies include reading, walking, cooking, hiking, listening and dancing to music and playing in the dirt. I am excited to share my love of the outdoors with you this year!

Please contact me anytime with questions, concerns or just to say hi. Let's make it a great year together!

Contact Information

Art: Kristi Eckert kristi.eckert@isd832.net 407-2136

Library-Media: Jean Oswald jean.oswald@isd832.net 407-2167

Music: Kathy Schwister kathryn.schwister@isd832.net 407-2153 and

Music: Jennifer Seckora jennifer.seckora@isd832.net 407-2153

Physical Education: Betsy Sommer betsy.sommer@isd832.net 407-2143

STEM: Julie Comfort julie.comfort@isd832.net 407-2135