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Using Tech without Student Devices


When we plan lessons using technology, there are certain risks that are taken. Will the Wifi be reliable? Will the devices be charged? If you're a 1:1 take home school/district, will all students remember to bring their device? Will it be charged? What management pieces will I need for this lesson? But, if the computers are down, or you want to utilize a tech tool that doesn't require students to have a device, check out Plickers, an easy assessment tool that only requires a teacher device.

What is it?

This is a terrific tool to use as an easy formative assessment, or a quick way to survey students and count responses without students needing a device. Each student is presented a square sheet of paper, a "paper clicker," with a QR code on it. Teachers will then project a question for the students to answer. Then, using the mobile app on the teacher's phone, quickly scan the room and it will read the entire class' responses in just a few seconds. That data is then transferred back to the projector, making it easier to break down and analyze once it is necessary. What's great about the cards is that they are set up completely differently, so if one student is holding their card horizontally and another is holding it vertically, they may both have the same correct answer.

Getting Started

First, visit the Plickers website and sign up using your Google account. Once you're all set, you can begin creating classes within the site. Once classes are created, you can then start creating questions that you would like to ask your students. But, before presenting the lesson, make sure you have the mobile app downloaded, so you're able to scan responses. Then, print the QR Code cards, or you can even purchase a set on Amazon for under $15. But, printing them online is free! That's it! Once every student has a card, start asking questions, and scanning the responses!

Available Data

As you're scanning, the responses are being sent to the projector screen. There, you can see the number of student responses gathered, and it will light up green or red (if you've allowed that option) whether a student is correct or incorrect. Another benefit is that, as answers are appearing, they are calculated by card number, instead of student name or another form of identification, which keeps the students anonymous to their classmates. Then, in the Plickers Scoresheet, you're able to see the data for a student by the day, week, or even month. This makes tracking improvement, and celebrating successes that much easier!

Benefits of Using Plickers

There are many benefits to using Plickers in the classroom:

- All students can participate and have a "voice" in the discussion

- No time is wasted logging students in, or waiting for them to input a join code

- Students are not embarrassed if they hold up the wrong answer

- Lightning fast feedback and assessment capabilities

Ways to Use Plickers in the Classroom

There are many instances and lessons that can use Plickers:

- Simple review questions

- Vocabulary term review

- Survey of students

- Attendance or lunch counter

- Choose Your Own Adventure stories

Several more ideas can be found on this blog.

Priority tab and Workspaces in Google Drive

Recently, you may have noticed that you have a "Priority" tab in your Drive. These are files that Google has decided, based on your recent clicking history, that are the most important to you at this moment. Another amazing addition is that of Workspaces. That allows you to combine all of the files for one given project and place them in a"Workspace." They will then be easily accessible in one location for further editing.

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