Synagogue Arsonists

June 18, 1999 arsonists destroyed the sanctuary and library at the B'Nai Israel Synagogue in Sacramento, California. Forty-five minutes later two fires started at Beth Shalom and Kennesset Israel synagogues. The B'Nai synagogue did not completely burn, leaving physical evidence behind. Items left included; three black one gallon oil jugs, a torn piece of fabric around the handle of the jugs, dust particles were found at the mouth of the jugs and a wooden crate with a newspaper from Redding, California, 150 miles north of Sacramento. Also anti-jewish flyers were all over the other two synagogues.

Trace evidence removed from the oil jugs: paint chips with a light blue top over a red layer, red plastic chip, white cotton strips of fabric, white and brown dog hairs, lots of feathers (white and brown ish,) numerous misc. fibers of various types and colors.

Happy Gay Couple :)

On July 1, 1999 two openly gay men were found dead in their bed. They lived in Happy Valley located in the Redding area (note the newspaper found at the B'Nai synagogue). Vehicle and credit cards were also stolen.

July 3 the vehicle was found abandoned in the Oroville area (between Sacramento and Redding). When the car was found the car reeked of gasoline.

The break in these cases came when the credit card of one of them was used to buy ammunition. The ammunition was shipped to a mailbox in Yuba City, California. Investigators following the lead went to the ammo store to check out the videos. They then saw the Williams brothers buying picking up the ammunition with the stolen credit cards. Both were arrested at this time for possession of a stolen credit card. Found at their homes and in vehicles were tons of weapons and ammo, one of these weapons was used to murder these happy men. The brothers were then arrested for murder.

Medical Clinic

July 2 (next day after the murder), a medical clinic who performed abortions was burned by arsonists in Sacramento. At first, investigators thought that the owner burned the building in order to collect insurance money.

A crow bar found in the William's brothers car had traces of green paint fragments. The clinic had the exact same color of green trim. They linked the two crimes on July 28th.

Evidence found: paint on the blade of the black pry bar found in Williams' vehicle, paint on the broken glass of the door of the medical clinic similar to the pry bar paint, glass on the pry bar paint similar to glass from the window in the door of the medical clinic, glass on the floor of Matson Williams vehicle similar to glass at the clinic, glass on jumpsuit recovered from Palo Cedro residence similar to glass at clinic.


Both brothers were charged with several counts of arson, hate crimes and murder. The defendants attorney wanted to have a Daubert Hearing. He claimed that the technology used was not universally accepted by the scientific community. The request was denied by the Federal Court Judge. Shortly after the brothers plead guilty.
Daubert Hearing is when attorney's try and throw evidence out because it is not 100% backed by science.