Rays, Chimeras, and Eels

Fish Of The Sea

Sting In The Tail

Having a tipped tail is not just for awesomeness. It is also for defense. Most rays have spines tipped with venom. Although not very common, stings can be fatal to humans. One of the most effective treatment surrounding the wound in warm water until medical help is sought. The tail helps from getting seized from behind. I would not like to step on one of those rays. Some species have very strong teeth, but do not bite unless handled directly.


The beginning of tarpons, which Eels evolved from, can be traced back to 135 million years ago using fossil records.That is before the dinosaurs. The more narrow and rounded body of when we think of Eels developed much later. Eels are predators and have small teeth. Some Eels have big mouths to swallow and one has Electricity to stun or kill prey. Eels come in many shapes and sizes but have one main appearance Be careful next time you swim