becoming an Astronaut

learning about astronauts!

what would a typical training program for Canadian astronauts include?

A typical training program would include survival training,space science ,first aid and CPR, flight training,language training,scuba diving and many other training activities.

what are some basic training skills astronauts are expected to know?


astronauts need to have an above average intelligence,they need to know how to handle unexpected problems, and will definitely need creativity.


Astronauts need to know how to adapt quickly,they will have to learn how to move from one task to a different one, and must be open minded to all tasks.

Physical condition

Astronauts will need to have a eyesight of 20/20 in each eye,their blood pressure cannot be above 140/90 and they must have a height size between 58 and 75 inches tall. Astronauts will also need to be prepared for the physical effects of zero gravity training for up to 40 times a day

Mental Edurance

Astronauts will need to learn to be separated from loved ones and away from home for along amount of time with complete strangers for about 3-6 months and possibly even longer.


In order to become an Astronauts you must have a bachelors degree an university in engineering, biological science, physical science and math.NASA prefers people with advanced degrees. Astronauts need at least three years of increasingly responsible professional experience in their major field,or 1,000 hours as a pilot in command of jet airplanes.

what is Dextre?

Dextre is an two armed robot or, telemailator witch is part of the mobile servicing system on the International Space Station (ISS) and, is usually doing repairs otherwise it is doing space walks.

What are some skills Astronauts are expected to maintain at all times?

Astronauts will be expected to maintain a lot of skills that would be easy to do at life a these things are,sleeping in space,eating,using the restrooms and not being able to walk with gravity.

What are some challenges astronauts will have to face?

astronauts Will need to face a lot of challenges they will need to learn how to have no gravity for a long period of time ,being separated from loved ones also challenges if something goes wrong in the space shuttle and adjusting to life in space.

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