Nelson Mandela (Section 4)

"No Easy Walk To Freedom" by Barry Denenberg

Who was Nelson Mandela?

Nelson Mandela was a african american who wanted freedom. He was a very strong man. He was sent to jail and many people caused violence and/or they had many signs and they all wanted Nelson to be set free. The police finally let him go and now because of all the great things Mandela did he is remembered by many people. He is still living today as well!!!!!

Section 4 summary, Chapter 16

Chapter 16 was very interesting. It was mainly about how the government desegregated many places. They desegregated places such as hotels so that blacks could stay at hotels too! They also let blacks go to restaurants, parks, elevators theaters. They also ended up letting blacks own things such as houses and property instead of just renting them. Taxis and busses let blacks ride as well!

Informations and pictures about part 4

Section 4 summary, Chapters 17, 18, and 19

On March 21st, 1985 the 25th anniversary of the sharpeville massacre, police open fired on a crowd attending a funeral. 21 people were killed and 100's were wounded. The police claimed that their actions were necessary because bottled petrol bombs had been hurled at them.

Many black people went to ANC-in-exile to train to become soldiers in the army of the spear of the nation.