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Technology Integration Newsletter-September 4, 2014

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About Technology Integration

This year I have accepted Technology Integration duties in addition to my teaching schedule, and I am ecstatic to have the opportunity to share what I have learned in my Master's program over the past two years! I will be available for assistance, guidance or general technology integration questions anytime, but my technology integration hour is from 10-11 AM. If you have questions, suggestions or comments please feel free to email me or stop down at my room before school, during the tech hour or after school and I will do what I can to help you!

If you have any suggestions for tutorials, iPad apps, Chromebook activities, or anything you would like shared with the staff in regards to technology, feel free to email or chat with me and I can put it in my calendar. My plan is to send out a newsletter every two weeks with helpful tips, new apps and a tutorial on some aspect of technology that may be helpful in our school setting. Look for tutorials on Google Calendar (how to add to it, how to see specific calendars, etc.) and Google Classroom in your inbox this month.


I was informed yesterday that the new Chromebook cart is on back-order for several weeks. That being said, I have been hard at work finding a temporary home for our 20 new Chromebooks so that we can get them available for teachers as soon as possible. I will send out an email with Chromebook signup information as soon as they are ready. If you would like to use the Chromebooks this week or next, please chat with me about using the existing cart and we can work out a schedule. Thank you to those of you who have already inquired, and I hope that we can work out a schedule that benefits everyone.

Click below to view a short introduction to Google Classroom!

Classroom 101