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October 2022

Message from Mrs. Walton

Dear RBK Families,

We are off to a great start this 2022-2023 school year! The students are settling into their classrooms, and we are excited for another successful school year. Our extracurricular activities will be meeting very soon. Please watch for more information in your child’s take home folder. This year I am excited to announce that we will have intramurals as an extracurricular club. There will be more information coming from Mrs. Madden. In addition to intramurals, we have Recycle Club/Student Council, Kindness Club, Safety Patrol (grade 4 students only), Art Club, Page-turners and STEM club. I encourage your child to be involved in these opportunities.

This month I will be conducting our annual “Right to Know” Code of Conduct meetings. This assembly will inform your child of the expectations on how to be a successful learner in the Lockport City School District. With the help from selected grade 3 & 4 superheroes, a video has been created by Mrs. Stastyshyn. After your child has attended this assembly, a sign off sheet will go home. Please sign and return the form to the classroom teacher. The Code of Conduct is located on our website: Please click here - Code of Conduct. If you or your child has any questions, please feel free to call me. A hard copy can be provided, please call the Main Office 478-4671.

Finally, I would like to thank you for your patience while we attempt to fine tune our arrival and dismissal procedures. I know it has been beyond frustrating for all of us. Please know SAFETY is the Priority! If you have thoughts or ideas on how to improve our procedures, you are welcome to join our RBK Safety Team Meeting on 10/12th, at 8:45 a.m., in the library. Thank you for all your support, and I am honored to be working with you and your child this year! As always, my door is open, or feel free to contact me via phone 478-4680 or email hwalton@

Miss Dumont, new kindergarten teacher

I studied Early Childhood Education and Children’s Literature at Buffalo State College where I received my master's degree in Curriculum Design and Instruction. I’ve been teaching for the Lockport City School District for 3 years and am very excited and grateful to be able to share my passion for learning with my students in my new position as Kindergarten teacher.

Mr. Reid, Academic Intervention Teacher

I am very excited to start my teaching career this year. In my free time, I coach tennis at the high school for both the Girls and Boys Varsity teams. I love tennis and coach over the summer too! Being a huge sports fan, the Bills and Liverpool (soccer team in England) are my favorite teams to support. I am looking forward to working with all of you this year!!

Students celebrating School Spirit Week!

The students had fun times celebrating School Spirit Week. The days celebrated at RBK were Buffalo Bills Day, Tie-Dye Day, Backwards Day, Camo Day and Blue and Gold Day.

Stopfinder - Tracking your child's bus

Here is the app to track your child's bus:

If you are interested in tracking your child's bus, please send an email to Mr. Kevin Love, the District Transportation Liaison, He will assist you in signing up.

Bus Expectations

The school bus is an extension of the classroom. Safety is the number one priority. Please reinforce with your child that the same rules that apply in the classroom also apply on the SCHOOL BUS. If there is an issue or problem, please address the bus driver and me.

Halloween Parade

At this time, we are planning to celebrate Halloween with an outdoor parade. As long as the weather cooperates, families will be able to attend outdoor, stationed on the sidewalk, throughout campus. If the weather does not cooperate, a decision will be made by noon, and an indoor parade will occur. Mrs. Lutz will record the indoor parade and share it on Google Classroom. Treats or trinkets will be permitted per the teacher. There will be more information shared in the near future. Please check your child's take home folder.

RBK School Nurse

At this time, I would like to review some new guidelines for celebrations in our school:

  • We are no longer accepting homemade food items sent in to be distributed to others.
  • Food brought in to be served to children other than your own must be STORE BOUGHT, LABELED and APPROVED by staff.
  • Please contact your child's teacher prior to he/her birthday to make arrangements.
  • Healthy choices such as fruits and vegetables are a great alternative as well. We also encourage non-edible items such as stickers, pencils, etc. as students really love them and it allows us to keep everyone safe.

PTA News

  • Picture day is October 6th. If you wish to order a photo package with cash or check, your child must have their order with them on picture day (an envelope was provided with the flyer sent home). Online orders (credit card, PayPal) may be placed before or after picture day. Photo proofs will be sent home for every student photographed in late October. Picture retakes are on November 9th.
  • Please join us for our first PTA meeting of the school year on October 19th at 6:30pm in the RBK cafeteria! Hear updates from Principal Walton and discuss upcoming events such as our Holiday Gift Shop and other holiday plans! This is a great and convenient way to get involved in your child's education. We hope to see you there!
  • The Fall Fundraiser begins on October 14th and runs through October 26th. There will be a kick off assembly on October 14th. Details will be sent home soon!
  • Join us at the RBK Fall Festival the evening of Friday, October 21st. More details coming soon!

Upcoming Events

10/04 Kindergarten Vision Screening from the Lion's Club - Kid sight USA

10/06 Picture Day

10/10 Columbus Day, No School

10/14 Fall Fundraiser Assembly

10/19 PTA Meeting 6:30 p.m.

10/21 Fall Festival, 6 - 8 p.m.

10/24 Gr. 4 Assembly on Cyberbullying

10/26 Last day for PTA Fall Fundraiser

10/31 Halloween Parade

11/04 Early Release Drill, dismissal starts at 3:20

11/09 Picture retakes

11/10 Report card marking day - 1/2 day dismissal

11/11 Veteran's Day, No School

11/18 Reflections due

Roy B. Kelley Calendar

Please refer to our calendar for updates. Click on an event to display details such as location, attachments, contact info and descriptions. Calendars may be printed monthly, weekly or as a list or can be imported into your Google calendar or phone.

Strengthen Thinking Skills by asking six types of questions

Talking with your elementary schooler is an effective way to build thinking skills—especially if you ask certain kinds of questions. Experts recognize six categories of thinking skills. Ask questions that help your child:

1. Recall knowledge. Ask about facts your child knows. “Who is the president?” “What is the capital of Virginia?” Words that will help with this include who, when, what, where and even list. 2. Explain ideas or concepts. When your child learns new things, check the depth of comprehension. “How would you illustrate the water cycle?”

3. Apply knowledge. How will your child use information in new situations? “What has our country learned from the Civil War? How can we apply it to life today?”

4. Analyze. Many things can be divided into groups, such as types of animals. Have your child compare and contrast groups of things. “How are fish and humans different? How are they alike?”

5. Evaluate. Ask for your child’s opinion about things. “How have smartphones changed our lives?” “Why do you think Benjamin Franklin is so famous?”

6. Create. Ask your child to create a solution to a problem. Use words such as invent and what if. Source: P. Armstrong, “Bloom’s Taxonomy," Vanderbilt University, The Center for Teaching.

This Four-step process can end procrastination

At one time or another, most students put off completing their schoolwork. But when procrastination becomes a habit, it can negatively affect school performance. To break the procrastination habit, have your child:

1. Select just one thing to do. Sometimes kids put things off when they feel overwhelmed. Tell your child to focus on one assignment at a time.

2. Set a timer for 30 minutes and begin working on the assignment. While the timer is ticking, your child should focus only on that assignment.

3. Avoid breaks. Your child should get water or a snack before starting the timer to avoid interrupting work flow.

4. Celebrate. Once the timer goes off, encourage your child to do something fun, such as kicking a ball around outside for a few minutes.

Your child can repeat this process until schoolwork is complete!

Source: R. Emmett, The Procrastinating Child : A Handbook for Adults to Help Children Stop Putting Things Off, Walker & Company. This four-step process can end procrastination November 2022 Vol. 34, No. 3 Roy B. Kelley Elementary School 2 • Elementary • Parents make the difference! • Copyright © 2022, The Parent Institute®

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