Balancing Work and Family

Luisa Lezama

Clarifying Values

1) One key to managing work and family demands

2) Important values remain unconscious or unknown

3) Value we hold but are not aware of can often contribute to our feelings of stress

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Setting Realistic Goals and Expectations

1) Goals are important in our lives and help us define how we use our time

2) Our values underlie our goals and give us the "push" to move toward achieving those goals

3) Perceptions, attitudes and expectations are also important in understanding and addressing work-family issues

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Setting Priorities and Managing Time

1) Setting priorities is central to effective time management

2) Finding time for family activities and friendship, and having time just for us is noi easy task with multiple responsibilities and roles

3) Goals that focus on the development of people

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Letting Go and Understanding Control

1) Hold family meetings

2) Keep weekly or monthly schedules that schedule time for both concrete and relational goals

3) Keep a sense of humor

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