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Issue #4

Classroom News

I hope you enjoyed your weekend!

This past week, we began learning about place value. This is a difficult and extremely important math topic! Please practice counting groups of items by 10s and 1s. Look at large numbers around your house (address, apt. number, pages in a book) and talk about which numbers are in the ones, tens, or hundreds place. This concept will provide the foundation for adding and subtracting large numbers, which will be the unit we hit next.

***if you visit the website, you will find links to online resources and games for place value and other math concepts. Feel free to explore these games at home! They are great practice.

In reading and writing we are still concentrating on personal narratives, memoirs, and biographical texts. This is our final week for the reading unit, and we will begin fiction next week.

Library with Ms. Alaniz

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Place Value Math Game: Cover a Flat

Making Leilani's Birthday Book

Next Week

Spelling words: dog, stop, log, spot, nod, doll, cot, fog, pond. lot

Sight words: table, little, both, long, we, says, find, cold, green, eat

Upcoming Events

10/1 Spelling Test