Coming in YOUR theathers next month.

Filmed by Wendy Wang

Where MYIASIS is first found....

It all began when Zack begin exploring in the tropical rainforest. He likes looking at the wild animals and the species of plants that take shelter there.

He didn't know at that time that a mosquito was buzzing above his head. And on the blood sucking vector lived a parasite know as Myiasis. The mosquito then attacked Zack, allowing the larvae of that parasite emitting into his body. Zack swiped the mosquito off like it was no big deal.

Dum Dum Dum Dum

By the time Zack gets out of the rainforest, the eggs had hatched.

Myiasis are INCREDIBLE!!!!! They can easily get on to its host, no special weapons were needed for this parasite to enter Zack's body.

Extra Scene: How the parasite gets into a body

The female flies lay their egg on an animal (commonly a sheep) especially in places with hot and humid climate places. The fly lay her eggs on the sheep's most dampest area.

It only takes 8 hours for the little fly babies to hatch out of their eggs. The larvae then travels though the tunnel and tries to ruin the body. Also, before you get confused, Myiasis affects BOTH Human and Animal.

So are they a HUGEE MONSTER? They cause serious symptoms but they aren't huge. A mature female fly is just as big as a House Fly. However, the size of a baby fly has not yet been investigated.