Water is Essential for All Life

By: Mackenzie Martin

Water for Life

All humans and animals need water to survive. A large percentage of the earth is water. Most of earth’s water is saltwater. However saltwater can not be used for drinking because it contains too much salt and drinking saltwater is very dangerous. There is actually a very small percentage of freshwater on Earth. Only about 2% and of that 2% most of the water is inaccessible because it is frozen or out of our reach. Freshwater is mostly used to grow crops to feed the worlds population. Smaller amounts are used for household purposes and industrial processes. As the Earths population increases, the demand for freshwater also increases. More people means more basic materials like food. Earths water supply is running thin. Earth does not have a never ending supply of water. Many of our main water sources are drying up. We are also wasting water because of our inefficient drain systems. Our water sources are also being polluted by human feces and harmful chemicals. In some places like third world countries the pollution is so severe that it causes death. The continued practice of burning fossil fuels is having a harmful effect on the environment. Climate changes is causing extreme flooding and droughts that are threatening water sources. Extreme droughts are leading to a large loss of animals and humans. An increasing demand for freshwater has lead to conflict between countries. Water is the foundation of almost all life on Earth. Without it, life as we know it would cease to exist. The availability and control of freshwater supplies are issues poised to define life in the twenty-first century.

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Rio De Janeiro Water Pollution

In Rio De Janeiro garbage is covering the bay's surface. It looks like a dump and there are many different types of carcasses floating in the water. The water is brown and dirty from contamination. The clean-up has not been very successful. The bay smells foul and the water is covered in garbage and junk. One reason the water is so polluted is because the trash is flowing into the bay through canals and degraded rivers. Another is that the people's drain systems stopped working so the people were throwing their trash onto the bay. The eco-barriers that were supposed to filter everything out weren't working either.

2016 Olympic Preparation Delayed

One effect of the water pollution in Rio de Janeiro is that they had to delay the preparation for the 2016 Summer Olympics. Another is that they are building a new structure to help with pollution as well as clean-up which is a lot of work and takes time. New sewage treatment plants are also being built to try and help clean up all the mess. Sailors are getting sick after falling into the bay. Many sailors are afraid they will not get everything cleaned up in time and they do not have enough time to practice, but others are believing.
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Eco-barriers, treatment plants, and more!

One possible solution is take money that they had stored to try and get newer and better drain systems. Another is that they are making new sewage treatment plants to try and help clean up. Lastly, they should get new eco-barriers plus better drain systems. Overall we need to take better care of our water sources and make sure they don't run out. You can start today just by picking up trash on the beach or by a lake. You can make a difference!
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