travel 2 india today and see awesom

welp... my flight is about to leave. I should go now cya!

the geography of Egypt

have you ever wanted to stand face to face with the with the clouds, have you ever wanted to feel like your on top of the world and above the clouds, or see some of the pretties scenery, welp the indus river valley and MT, Everest woud be the perfect place for you!

unique animals of egypt!

some of the most unique animals live and come from the Indian sub-contentment such as peacocks, elephants , and giraffes, these animals are also some of the most exotic and beautiful animals.

india today

Today in India 8 out of 10 kids go to school back in the day only 4 out of 10 kids went o school. Today india is a beutiful, wonderful, and colorful place to be, the colors you see there are very vibrant and lively. In all india is a very colorful place to be and see, so I would recomend going to India.

thigs to do in India

One thing to do in India is go have some of the local curry, or if you don't like spicy food maybe curry isn't the thing for you. India has plenty of other foods such as sweet rice or sweet and sour chicken.

traveler tips

Some trips I have would be make when going to india is make sure you have clothes for warm weather, and make sure you have a water and bring some snacks, another tip is stay hydrated.