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Canandaigua Middle School- 7th Grade

March 2015

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Math- Mr. Crnkovich & Ms. Reynolds

In math, we are starting probability and statistics unit for the next month( broken up into 2 chapters). Students will need a calculator for the remainder of the year. It is very important that all students bring a calculator to class each day. Many students have said they have either lost or do not have one, please check with your child to see if they have a calculator to use. After they are done we will spend whatever time we have left preparing for the New York State Math Test which will be April 13-15.

Social Studies- Mrs. Chapman

In social studies, we are completing a unit on the founding fathers and new nation. Students will have a unit test on Wednesday, March 9. Students will be given a packet to study from and the test covers information from notes 16-19. Topics that will be covered include: The Presidency of George Washington, precedents, the Alien and Sedition Acts, Alexander Hamilton's Financial Plan, Political Parties, Louisiana Purchase, Marbury v. Madison, the War of 1812, Monroe Doctrine, the Presidency of Andrew Jackson. After this test, we will move on to learning about Manifest Destiny and the First Industrial Revolution.

We have continued to use Google Classroom in social studies. Students have been logging into the school Gmail accounts and sharing files with me through Google Classroom. Students wrote a paragraph on Google Docs and will receive feedback electronically on the assignment. We continue to utilize this feature.

English- Ms. Gerstner

This month, students will work in groups to learn the difference between denotation and connotation. Through a group project, students will apply their knowledge regarding these terms and give a group presentation reflecting their understanding.

Also this month, we will be reading/performing a modern version of “Julius Caesar” by William Shakespeare. Throughout the reading, we will be analyzing key characters’ motives for betraying Caesar and determining which character was “the most noblest Roman of them all” (Shakespeare 219). In addition, we will be participating in close reads of the text as we examine key speeches given by various main characters. Assessments for this unit will include students writing multiple short responses as well as completing a unit exam.

Please note that the NYS ELA is scheduled for April 5th-7th.

Science- Mr. Anderson

In Science, students are studying cells. The unit begins with a focus on microbes and the annual Microbe Hunt. Students will be searching the school for microbe “hotspots” to sample. They will then compare what they have collected after the two day incubation period. Once we finish the “mini unit” on microbes we will then start to examine our complex animal cells and compare/contrast them with plant cells.

English- Mrs. Canough

This month we will finish up reading Fever 1793. Students have enjoyed reading this book and researching the Yellow Fever. As we wrap up this unit students will be required to write a well-organized essay in which they dive back into the text and pull out details to answer a specific question. Our next unit we will be reading Tangerine.

We are also picking back up with our skills lessons. We will be focusing on the use of quotation marks, contractions, commas, etc. We will have a test on these skills on March 4th and March 18th.

Please remember to have your child check out the student portal to ensure everything is turned in. Students can always redo an assignment or complete test/quiz corrections.

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Key Dates

  • 3/4- Middle School Fun Night- 7th Grade- 6-8 pm
  • 4/15- 3rd Marking Period Ends