Demo Plan

Huma Azhar Heartland Credit view Community & Health Services


June 12, 2015 Friday

June 15, 2015 Monday

Time of Demo:

12pm - 1pm

Description of Activity:

I will be sending the remainders to the Seniors about the Seniors Program by phone and Email.


I have choose this task because it is important and it is a part of my daily routine. As a Social Assistant everyday you have to deal with the clients, answer their questions by using phone or email. How you interact and handle people and the way you answer and problem solve the issues is one of the first skill that a social worker should have.

Details of the Activity:

  • First I need to find the Seniors Program attendance/members list with their phone numbers and emails.
  • See their status if they are are active or inactive( if they are regular attendees).
  • After verifying their status i will go down the list of name and calling them.
  • On the phone i will be reminding them about the program,date, time and place.
  • At the same time i will be keeping track if the number or information is invalid.

Required Materials:

  • The file with the list of Members of the Senior Program with their contact information.
  • Company phone.
  • Pen & Paper
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Special Instructions for Co-op Teacher:


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