Functions For 3 Major Systems

Nervous System, Integumentary System, and Skeletal System

Skeletal Body Systems

1. The skeletal system helps Support and shape the body and muscles.

2. The second function of the skeletal system is that it Protects delicate and vital organs within your body.

3. Another function is that Movement helps us with our joints and muscles.

4. This function is the Storage which bones store minerals such as calcium and phosphorous into our body.

5. This last function is Hemopoieses which is Red and White blood cells that are formed by tissue called marrow, and it's found in the center of the bone.

Nervous System

The Nervous system has three major functions:

Sensory- senses internal and external environment through presence of the effect

Integration- interpretation of sensory information

Motor- reaction to the information that is processed

Integumentary System

1. It helps maintain homeostasis

2. The Integumentary system removes substances from our body

3. Cells in the epidermis produce keratin and melanin

4. The dermis contains most of the tissues in the skin