Friday Focus

February 27, 2015

Our Mission at Norfolk Catholic

We want to educate disciples in the heart of Jesus. We strive:

  • To be excellent in everything we do.
  • To be partners with our families, parish, and community.
  • To be disciples, stewards, servants, witnesses, and encouragers.
  • To make a difference.

What did you do this week to "live the mission" that we say that we have at Norfolk Catholic?

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Top 5

  1. Today is Mission Jeans Day! All money collected today will go to the St. Vincent de Paul Society. Next month (March 27), our money will go to support the Missionary Benedictine Sisters and their project of building a library of spiritual books.
  2. I just got done reading this month's issue of The Knight Times. It is wonderful to see a full-color, student-run newspaper at a school our size. And the majority of the work is done outside of the school day! If you have family or friends who run a business with a waiting room, please ask them if you can leave a copy or two of our newspaper with them, so their customers can read the good news about NC!
  3. Make sure to vote again today and tomorrow for Norfolk Catholic in the Eastbay contest that we've been publicizing through our social media. We have a change to win $25,000 to improve Burns gym and stage. Here's the link:

Scroll down to the bottom of the page and you'll find Norfolk Catholic High School. Click on "View Story" to see the video that Ethan and Leisa Piper created for us. You can then vote for NC by simply typing in your email address. You can vote once per day per email address, so if you have 3-4 emails, you can vote 3-4 times!

4. Lenten challenge. At the Men's Prayer breakfast on Wednesday, we received a "Lenten Practices Calendar" with ideas surrounding the 3 traditional pillars of Lent: Prayer, Fasting, and Almsgiving/Service. The challenge for today (Thursday) is to "Buy or Find 5+ items for a food bank." I am up for this challenge! Anyone else?

5. No Friday Focus next week; instead, I'll be doing the 6th edition of the U-Knighted, an electronic newsletter that is emailed to 2400 recipients on the first Friday of the month. If you have classroom news, photos or video to share with me, I'd love to take a look at it! Let's share our Good News with everyone!

Tweet of the Week

Another great quote from Jon Gordon! Click on it below.

I have "Training Camp" and "The Energy Bus" if anyone would like borrow them. If you have another Jon Gordon title, I'd be interested in borrowing it from you!

Video of the Week

I got this from Twitter, too. I love how the science teacher covers his tracks when the volcano doesn't explode!
Why You Should Thank A Teacher Today

When You are Gone...

Please make sure to overplan for your substitute teacher! Make sure they have all the information they might need and make sure to have enough material for students to complete. We don't want to assign "busywork" that has little/nothing to do with your content, but we don't want to waste this time, either.

Have a wonderful weekend!