Extra, Extra! Immigration Station!

By: Zala Kayla and Ale!!!

What countries did these people come from??

Italy, China, Great Britan, Japan, Russia, and France!

When did these people come??

Since 1815 the biggest wave of immigrants came to the United States and it's still going on!! WOW!!

"Angel Island." What a wonderful site!

The former park ranger is Alexander Weiss rediscovered this site.

The walls had Chinese poems or stories about their journeys carved in the walls.

Things that pulled and pushed immigrants to America were....

Because they wanted to escape poverty, discrimination. Things that pushed immigrants away is that some immigrants were discriminated. Some wanted to escape from poverty and disease.

Some contributions the immigrants brought were.....

Italians brought pizza,spaghetti,pasta etc. China brought Chinese food,like sushi, but all of the immigrants filled our country and the jobs!

Immigrants faced discrimination such as....

It went this far the anti Immigrants feelings became like laws like the Chinese Exclusion Act in 1882. Of course that was just MEAN!