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UFOs is a very popular phenomenon. Some people believe that UFO sighting started to happened in the beginning of Earth civilization; judging by hyroglyphics and past tales. Late 40s to early 70s there were a lot of reports and activity of UFOs. Presently it has slowed down but still happens.

Lately, like in the past few days, there has reports of fireballs in the north west of America and an alltime classic is a cigar shaped ship in the sky

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Alien Species In Contact With Us Right Now.

1) The Essassani

This species is reptile like, grey human, hybrid relatives. Most abductions happen in accord with this species. They are like dogs; love to play, close relationships with higher power, and learn lessons.

2) The Yahyel

This species is a gorgeous and graceful species of hybrid beings. It is rumored that they radiate very pure solar energy.Also the closest interstellar relatives we have. We may be the first beings to be in contact with them. They will help U.S to technologically evolve and advance.

3) Sirian Hybrids

They have been in contact with us since the beginning. It is said they are about 300 to 500 years in the future and tens of thousands years older then u.s. They specialize in technology and architecture. They have a sustainable size, a little bit slim, a bluish tone skin, and long fingers.

Which alien species is below?

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Men in Black

Who are the men in black? Are they who they say they are, government officials or are they aliens them selves attempting to cover up secret information? Men In Black are nothing like the hit comedy "Men In Black I II III". They are hostile and parculer in everything they do. They are desperate to keep information about ET to a very top secret. In my opinion, they are who they say they are but are secret agents that keep secrets about the military's reverse engineering of highly advanced technology air ships.
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