Isabel's Bucket List

April 2015

#1- To go scuba diving

I would like to go scuba diving. I could scuba dive in Honolulu, Hawaii . There is weathering and erosion on the beach in Hawaii on the sand that is caused by wind and the tides coming in from the sea.

#2- To go Skiing

I would like to go skiing. I could ski in Vancouver,Canada. There is constant weathering, erosion from the wind and snow, and deposition on the tall hills and mountains.

#3- Ride in a Hot air balloon

I would like to ride in a hot air balloon. I could ride in a hot air balloon in Houston, Texas. When you ride in a hot air balloon you can see many things that weathering and erosion have effected by wind or rain or snow. These things could include rocks or canyons or forests with trees.

#4-See the Northern Lights

I would like to see the northern lights. The northern lights can be seen in Abisko, Sweden and many other places in the world. Weathering and erosion happen on the rocks and trees and forests that are at the landscape where you go to see the northern lights.Wind and rain are the forces that make erosion and weathering possible here.

#5- To make a hole in one in golf

I would like to make a hole in one in golf. Weathering and erosion are present through the wind , water , and rain in the golf course.