Digital Citizenship

John Y., Period 4

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is a number of rules made for you to follow while your online so you don't hurt someones feelings. Remember your dealing with a real human being. You could accedently do something to them that might be affensive and if they speak a different language and you say something that is affending there culture.

Why is Digital Citizenship important?

Digital Citizenship is important to know because if you want to play something online then you need to follow the rules so you don't get banned from websites. Remember, don't be a troller online. Also remeber that trollers start flame wars and they could burn you, hahahaha, get it.
Super Digital Citizen

The 7 Digital Citizenship Rules

1. Always have respect online: You always need to be respectful online or your going to hurt someones feelings and then your going to start a fight, you could start flame wars

2. Never give your personal information to someone: Before you give someone your information you have to think who your giving it to and where its going.

3. Always get permission from your parents: If you don't ask your parents and they find out you've been doing something that you didn't get their permission for then good luck.

4. Keep your identity a secret: Do really want to just be walking around giving people your personal information like your school, phone number, house address, etc.

5. Even though cyber bulling isn't a real attack, it can still hurt: Just because you think that you're safe to bully because no one knows who you are, that doesn't mean that you can bully.

6. If you take something from a website always credit the website: If you take something from a website make sure you credit the website for it or else your doing plagiarism.

7. Always ask permission for original work from the people that made it: If you take something that was someones original thing that they created then you better think twice because it copyright, ask the creator for their created thing before you actually use it.