Sperm Whale

Endangered Animals of Antarctica


  • Can grow 65 ft long
  • Weighs 50 tons
  • When fully grown males are relatively larger
  • Usually dark gray to black but sometimes light gray
  • Has a block-shaped head that takes up a third of its overall body size
  • Has small humps on its back
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Breaching Sperm Whale

Save The Sperm Whale

Food Chain

  • At the top of its food chain
  • Ocassionally eats Mega-Mouth sharks
  • Know to eat and fight with Giant Squids
  • Also eats fish and octopus
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  • Sperm whales can be found in any ocean
  • Females and calves live in tropical areas
  • Males live in tropical areas as well but make trips to colder temperatures at certain times of the year and return to tropical areas during mating season

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  • Sperm whales are mammals and breathe air
  • They have learned to hold their breath for up to an hour
  • They have a similar spine to land animals showing that they used to live on land and later started hunted and living under water
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Reasons of Endangerment

  • The main reason why Sperm whales are endangered is because whalers in the 18th and 19th century have hunted them extensively for resources
  • Whales are valuable for their blubber, meat, oil, and ambergris a valuable resource in making perfume
  • (Whl Fcts)

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