The Fires of Invention

Inventions can save lives

A Science Fiction novel by J Scott Savage

By Ethan Zhong

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"They had done it. They had saved the city."

Inventing is never a bad thing. Everything you do, if you think about it, has at least a small amount of risk. But do we think about it? Does it stop us from doing what we do every day? Of course it doesn't. Just like driving. Driving causes many deaths every year but we don't stop driving. Inventing has risk which could also be fatal. But it doesn't stop us from inventing? My slogan is "Invention can save lives". I made this slogan because this is so true. For example, seat belts save 13,000 lives every year. "They had done it. They had saved the city." The author writes this near the end of the book when Trenton and Kallista saved the lives of everyone in their city with their invention. In a city where building unapproved devices and creativity was a crime, creativity had save them. This proved that they were wrong about banning creativity and invention. They had invented a dragon. This dragon was a huge risk. Multiple things could have gone wrong and killed or injured both of them. If they were caught by the city they would have been arrested. But in the end, their risk was well worth it.