Happy October!

The Oily Lowdown

Fun New Things Are Happening

I am starting a monthly newsletter for all of my awesome oily friends. I wanted a simple easy way for everyone to see what awesome things are going on with doterra. Let's be honest...who doesn't like simple and easy these days?? This month is THE BOMB! Tons of new products, promotions and excitement! The new 2015 Holiday Catalog is out as well. These products go on sale Nov 2nd. They sell out QUICK, so plan ahead!
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LRP To Save

The LRP (Loyalty Rewards Program) is a great way to save, earn free product and gain points to use for free product. Think of it as frequent flyer miles for your oils. When you place your orders as and LRP, you get your entire shipping back as points. Think of points as dollars. You use those points to get free product...whatever you want! Placing a 100pv (product value) order monthly, will build up the percentage of points you get back...just by purchasing the oils you want and need. Percentages begin at 10% back and you cap out at 30% back after a year. This is ON TOP of the 25% you get off just by being a wholesale member! If you place a 125pv order before the 15th of the month, you get a free bottle of the monthly promo oil. It pays to LRP. If you need any help or have questions with this, please feel free to message me! I'm here to help!

Facebook Classes

Also new this month, is the addition of Facebook Classes. I know it can be hard to make it to classes in person. I've taken all the difficulty out of that! I will be doing weekly classes on facebook! You can add yourself to the event and log on on your own time that day to learn all about my favorite oils and uses for them. You can post and ask questions, get recommendations and find the right oils for you and your family....all in your pjs on the couch!
Follow my Facebook page, The Hippie Mermaid, to see the events and join.
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Healing Hands Foundation

I cannot say enough about the heart of this company. There is so much good done in the world through doTERRA by your purchases and donations to the Healing Hands Foundation. Please watch this video on how doTERRA is helping children with Cerebral Palsy. Gets me right in the heartstrings. Consider adding a $1 (or more) donation to your monthly order to help the foundation do even more.
doTERRA Donates to Help Cerebral Palsy Foundation for Kids