Analyzing Orsino

Daniel Pineda

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Orsino's Identity

In Twelfth Knight Orsinos identity is very focused on his stance in society and his way with people. He is a single male duke. He dresses in proper cloths fitted for any situation, but when its casual he still wears nice cloths. He speaks in a very formal and proper way with good grammar as well as pronunciation that is appropriate for that time period. He also falls in love very quickly for example Orsino finds out that Cesario is a girl and falls for her changing his mind very quickly "And whom, by heaven I swear, I tender dearly, Him will I tear out of that cruel eye Where he sits crowned in his master’s spite.Come, boy, with me. My thoughts are ripe in mischief:I’ll sacrifice the lamb that I do love To spite a raven’s heart within a dove"(V. i. 122-128). And over all his situation in society isn't big he is just a regular bachelor looking for love.

Orsino's Gender

In this play, gender plays a big role on all characters some are effected by them constantly and others not so much. Orsino is a guy and because of that his experiences with certain situations are handle differently. In some situations he needs to stay calm and polite. Others he still has to control his anger in order to look like a gentlemen in front of ladies. And because he is a male he needs to solve problems and fix them. The way he acts is greatly effected too by trying to be tough and show no emotion or express any feeling such as sadness, anger, and rudeness. Although there is one part where Orsino admits he has expressed his feeling to Cesario. "Thou know’st no less but all. I have unclasped To thee the book even of my secret soul" (I.iv. 13-14). The benefits he has of being a male and or a alpha male he can walk in any room and make presence to get all the attention. A disadvantage may be that he has to work eventually being really tired.

Orsino's Perception

The Twelfth Night Characters view Orsino in various ways. There is two groups that view Orsino differently. One group which is his staff and close friends view him as great, handsome, and think he is the best. The other group thinks he is ugly, cocky, or mean, and just plain don't like him. That group includes Olivia and Antonio. For example Antonio enters Orsinos property and recognizes him because Antonio crashed one of Orsions battle ships. "Orsino, noble sir, Be pleased that I shake off these names you give me."(V.i.68-70). I would think that Orsino knows he is a little mean and demanding mostly because he had grown up and probably taught to be always the main man. But he also might disagree in some thoughts of what people think. He might disagree in him being ugly.

Comparing Me, Myself, I to Orsino

Orsino and I are very alike. For example he is sometimes rude and mean. Samething with me, except I don't really mean it I am not aware of what I was saying was mean or rude. He also is a little sensitive with his feelings which I am too. I'm very picky in who to tell just like him and Cesario.

The differences between me and Orsino is that he is somewhat of a shy guy especially around Olivia. I am not a shy guy I think of myself as loud and outgoing. I also use a lot of slang words in vocabulary. I would talk proper if its for an important event such as a interview. Orison in the other hand is very proper with his wording and speaks like that without thinking. He uses metaphors to insult people.

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Duke Orsinos Identity

In She's The Man Orsino is a young man who thinks of himself as handsome, athletic, and confident guy. In this version he dresses casually most of the time while still looking decent. But when he is out to dinner or a party he has more proper cloths for that. He speaks in a regular English language with some slang words here and there. He is also very sensitive about his feelings and expresses it to someone that he is comfortable with. That person would be Viola dressed as Sebastian for example Viola and Orsino are in there room and Orsino starts explaining how he thinks a relationship should be like and viola listens to him she is just liking him even more (She's The Man). His Popularity is also a big influence on him. Which makes his ego grow the only time it may shrink is when he sees Olivia because he is in love with her and cant talk to her or act normally around her.

Duke Orsinos Gender

The movie shows how Orsino experience his gender very well. In some situations he is required to be tough and not back down. In others he has to keep is cool to not act foolish around other people or to not get embarrassed. Because He is a male he is suppose to show no feelings, but when he is laying down in his room talking to Viola on relationships he start demanding her to not say anything to anyone that he said does types of things (She's The Man). That is also a limitation because he is a male he doesn't need care about those things. And he cant play any lame sports or do any lame or unusual stuff. The benefits may be that he is Physically stronger and he is a well in shape guy. One other advantage is that isn't a bad looking guy so getting noticed or making a presence come natural to him.

Dike Orsinos Perception

Orsinos view in other peoples eyes are somewhat different and similar to what he views himself. Most of the other characters think of him as cool, handsome, athletic, and good at everything. For instants the characters Viola, Violas friend, Orsino and Cesario are in the same gym working out at the same time. Viola says that Cesario is really good-looking, but Violas friend asks if she's talking about Orsino and if she is Viola is right (She's The Man). In the other hand, in that same situation Viola responds with a grossed out face. She thinks that Orsino is handsome, but to cocky and just not like Cesario. Not as sweet as Cesario, charming, or who actually listens unlike other Guys. Orsino deep down knows he is not like that. People think he is like that because on what his gender is based on which is show no emotion or feelings. He would think of himself as sweet and kind and all he wants to do is lay down with some one and have a regular, deep, comfortable conversation with them.

Comapring Daniel to Duke Orsino

This version of Orsino has a lot of things in common with me. He plays soccer like I do. He likes to stay in shape as well as I do. And the way he acts and talks will be a good representation of me as well.

The differences between me and him is that I really don't show or say my feelings that often like he does. And I'm also not as shy like him with. And lets be Honest, I think I'm a better soccer player than him.