Electric Fog

By: Sabrina Gorbey


This book is by Kara L. M. She grew up in Salt Lake City, Utah. She loved writing from a young age and when she went to college she chose to get her Mass Comunications degree. When she was older she was reading through several books a week so she decided to write her own.


This book has the genre of non-fiction. It has this genre because it has aliens and made up planets in it.
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My Rating of Electric Fog

I give this book a 4 out of 5. I give it this rating because it always kept me interested and had something for me to look forward in the coming pages of the book. I gave it a 4 out of 5 instead of a 5 out of 5 because when they were having conversations sometimes it would get boring as the conversation went on instead of the characters saying something interesting.


The Protaginist is Liv. She is about to get in high school and she is really excited, until she gets her report card. She has to go to summer school. She is upset about this, until she goes and meets the love of her life. Her life is all of a sudden turned upside down when aliens, boys, and different planets come rushing in. She has to figure out who she loves most and what she is willing to give up for the person she loves most.
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The antagonist is Zinka. He is an alien from the planet Octavia. When Liv goes to the planet he is one of the people that thinks she should not be ruling with Austin. He is against her and taunts her all the time. He has a black aura and his power is that he can burn people. He is dangerous and hates Liv.
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The setting is summer. The story goes through a time of 2 school years and 2 summers. The place starts on Earth and than goes to Octavia which is an alien planet that Liv goes to live on with Austin to save the aliens captured by the rebels.


The theme is that anything is possible. This is the theme because it says in the text, " She was not human. She was from another planet and she volunteered to come to earth with 10,000 like her when she was pregnant with me." My mouth dropped as I heard another planet. "Aliens are real?"" I chose this evidence because when Liv heard that aliens were real anything became possible and she discovered that there was more to the world than she thought.
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I chose the conflict as character vs. self. Some evidence is ""Your family will think you died, can you live with that?" A pain pricked my heart as the realization of my former life trickled in. I could see Mom, mourning over the loss of her only daughter. She would move on, but Peter he was still young. Would he get over being abandoned by his only sibling? My heart ached thinking of his reaction". I chose this evidence because this displays how Liv is having an inner conflict with herself about if she will choose between the love of her life or her family. This shows the conflict character vs. self.
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Memorable Quotes

My first memorable quote is "I couldn't deny the powerful feeling of being fit and possibly ready to kick some butt." I chose this quote because I thought it was cool how Liv took control of the situation and started getting ready for her to go to Octavia. This was a quote she had after she started working out to get ready for Octavia. My second quote is "" I love my family, but I think I love you more."" I chose this quote because I thought it was a time when Liv realized how much she loved Austin and was able to accept her love for him.

The Book Series

This is a 2 book series. The first book is Electric Fog and the second book is Electric Surge. I have not read the second book, but I expect it will be a good one.
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