2014 Journalism Performance Final

Michael Rothlis

Wife Exposes Cheating Husband and Mistress - At Walmart

1) After finding photos of her husband cheating on her with another woman, this woman was not very pleased. She took these photos and did her research to find out where this mistress worked. When she found out that this woman worked at a local Ohio walmart, she made multiple copies of the photos and went to work. After posting plenty of photos for everyone to see all over the interior of Walmart, this woman was arrested and charged with pandering obscenities.
2) The intended audience is anyone reading the article. The author is trying to inform the audience of the obnoxious stunt performed by both the husband and wife.
3) I agree with the author's point of view on the story, you can clearly he is biased towards the husband which the author has every reason to.
4) If I were to change how the article was written, I would have added more to the article and have added more quotes from sources close to the article.
5) I do not believe the content of this article would be appropriate for our news magazine, for it has inappropriate content that would not be pleasing to some of our audience.


Senate Blocks Military Sexual Assault Bill

1) Sexual Assault has seemed to be a major issue in the military lately. As a result, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand has pushed for a Military Sexual Assault Bill to be passed. However, recently the bill came short of amount of votes needed to be passed through the senate, hitting only 55 while needing 60. Democrat Senator Claire McCaskill led the opposition against the bill.
2) In this article, the author's objective is to inform us about the drama occuring in the senate because of the Military Sexual Assault Bill that did not pass through. The intended audience is anyone interested in our senate or military.
3) I do not see an argument being made in the article, therefor I do not have anything to agree nor disagree with.
4) If I were to add on to this article, I would get a conservative senator's point of view in there as well as President Obama's.
5) In our news magazine, I believe this could go underneath the uproar section. We could have a series of opinions on how we view this situation.


House Passes 50th Bill to Undo Obamacare

1) Although it's the 50th time trying, conservatives are pushing to undo Obamacare. The House passed the 50th bill to undo Obamacare healthcare act, which made Obama laugh a little. Obama claimed that the 50th time is a charm and that this time the republicans will win the prize. Although the republicans are pushing for Obamacare to end already, it will be in power for a long time.
2) The author's goal of this article is to inform us about the repetitive efforts of the republicans to end Obamacare, but the author is biased in the article and leans towards the democrats.
3) I would argue that the republicans should keep pushing for this act to be removed immediately.
4) If I were to change the author's style of writing, I would add more of the republican's point of view and less of the democrat's point of view, showing less biased writing.
5) In our news magazine, this wouldn't belong anywhere due to the lack of knowledge about our government these days that our students have.


Repblicans Fight Dem Efforts To Punish Issa For IRS Hearing Actions

1) During a heated hearing, Rep. Darrell Issa decided to cut off a democratic congressman when debating an IRS targeting scandal. Democratic Rep. Elijah Cummings tried his best to come up with a solution for the scandal, however Issa did not want to listen to Cummings and decided on turning off his microphone during his rant. Cummings continued to rant although his microphone was off, and some even considered Issa's actions to be rude and inconsiderate.
2) The author's goal is to inform the audience of what occured during the IRS targeting scandal, however this shows signs of biased in the article.
3) I agreed that the democrat's should be mad towards the republican's rude behavior during the hearing.
4) I would not change anything in the article for I like how the author explained the whole scenario through this article.
5) In our news magazine, this would go under 20 questions because this would be great to ask about people's opinion on this subject.


Obama proposes billions more for job training despite spotty track record

1) Although it is risky, Obama's $4 trillion budget could add more federal jobs. Sen. Paul Ryan, however, does not tend to agree with the plan and says that the plan is "failing the poor". The main issue of the budget is if the budget is balanced or not. Whether or not the budget plan works, the national debt is increasing by the second and is expected to reach $19 trillion by the end of Obama's term.
2) The author's goal is to inform the reader of the $4 trillion budget plan Obama will propose to us to help the war on poverty.
3) I agree that the plan will help us, however I also disagree because it will add on to our national deficit.
4) I would not change anything in the article because the author did a good job explaining the national debt crisis before the budget plan.
5) In our news magazine, this would go under an uproar because it would be a great opportunity for a staff writer to voice there opinion in a political point of view.


Upskirt ruling curtails women's rights

1) After ruling that taking pictures of under women's skirts is legal, people are outraged of the decision. Most of these photos are taken by men by attaching cameras to their shoes. This is because the women are fully clothed, meaning it is not illegal. Women feel that they are not safe and have no privacy with this matter.

2) The author's goal is to convince the audience that the women's rights are not protected because of the capability of men to take photos of women's upskirt.

3) I agree with the author on how ridiculous this is that it is legal for men to be doing this. I would not appreciate any photos take of me that I would not want others to have, especially private pictures.

4) Although I do agree with the author on the article, the article is a little bit biased. That being said, the author of the article IS a woman, so it would make sense. It would be hard for the article to not be biased in any way.

5) In our news magazine, this would go under 20 questions because it would be great to get peoples opinions when asked about the topic.


The 1600 is back! SAT overhauled, here's what's new

1) The SAT has made some changes, or have at least got rid of their last changes. The scale for the SAT rankings are set back to 1600 and other changes have been made. The essay section is now optional and you will not be penalized for wrong answers. Also, you will be more familiar with some of the vocabulary words and it is optional to take the test on a computer. Although these are exciting changes, this will not take in effect until 2016.

2) The author's goal is to inform the intended audience, which would be anyone looking to take the SAT in 2016 or later, about the changes made to the test.

3) I agree that the changes to the SAT would make the test much easier.

4) If I were the author, I would've said the same but added that the SAT is still not an easy test and every student must be prepared.

5) In our news magazine, this would be a featured article because it is important for the students to know about the changes made, especially the freshman.


School of hard locks: College for prison inmates?

1) New York's prisons have indeed considered granting college degrees to those in prison. If this does come into effect, great things could come into effect also. Studies have showed that if they do enroll prison inmates in college, it could dramatically decreased recidivism rates while saving tax dollars on incarceration costs. Also, after they leave prison, they have a better chance of moving forward than ending up back in jail.

2) The author's goal is to inform the intended audience of New York's consideration in providing a college degree to prison inmate. The author was not biased what so ever.

3) I agree with the author's point in the article to let the prisoners earn a college degree because it could help the future of these imprisoned inmates.

4) If I were the author of the article, I would've gotten more quotes from the senate, representatives of New York, and even President Obama.

5) In our news magazine, this would be a featured article because it would be great to inform our students of current events like this.


Cops: Stranger found napping in Bieber's house

1) Although Justin Bieber has some dedicated, loyal fans, some seem to take their loyalty a little bit too far. On Justin Bieber's birthday, a 23 year old woman decided to celebrate Justin's birthday by locking herself in his room and taking a nap. She had trespassed into Justin's house located in Atlanta and was arrested for that. She had told the cops that the door was unlocked and she only wanted to celebrate Justin's birthday.

2) The author's goal is to inform the intended audience, being anyone who cares for the incident involving Justin Bieber's crazy fan, about the obscene stunt pulled by the fan.

3) There is nothing to agree nor disagree with in this article.

4) If i were the author of the article, I would have added quotes from both Justin Bieber and the crazy fan that trespassed into Justin's house.

5) This article would not belong in our news magazine for it is not school-related at all.


Years later, 'Burger King Baby' seeks birth mom

1) About twenty-seven years ago, Katheryn Deprill was a baby, abandoned at a local Burger King by her mother. Now, Katheryn is looking to find her mother who left her at the Burger King in Allentown, Pennsylvania. Using social media, Katheryn is determined to find her birth mother and is wiling to do whatever it takes. Katheryn posted a picture of her handwritten message to Facebook in hopes that her mother would soon to see it.

2) The author's goal is to inform the whole world about Katheryn's dream of meeting her birth mother.

3) I agree with the author's point in which the author said that social media is a very effective use in this case.

4) If I were the author, I would've added quotes from Katheryn Deprill about the whole situation and added quotes from executives of Facebook.

5) This article would be an uproar because of the voiced opinion of any student on how we could help her find her mother using Facebook or twitter.


Witness: Pistorius once mistook laundry dryer for intruder

1) Oscar Pistorius is a man accused of murdering his girlfriend. He had been on trial for a while, and following the trial, someone accused Pistorius of mistaking the laundry dryer for his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp. Many believe he is making this up because there is proof of heated arguments between the two on the morning of February 14, 2013. Another man spoke up and said Oscar had "a great love and enthusiasm for guns."

2) The author's goal is to summarize the trials in which Oscar Pistorius has been accused of murdering his girlfriend, Reeva Steenkamp.

3) The author doesn't used any biased information in this article, therefor I have nothing to disagree nor agree with.

4) If I were the author, I would've added quotes from the Judge, the attorneys, and other sources close to the situation. Also some more concrete details of the story.

5) This article would be a featured article in our news magazine, to show our students and have them to decide to theirselves whether or not he's guilty.


Thai military radar data bolsters belief that Flight 370 changed its path

1) Flight 370 of the Malaysian Airlines has vanquished from all radars and cannot be found. As Malaysia desperately tries to detect the missing airline, the Thai military radar shows that the flight may have changed its path and turned around. All though no one knows exactly what is going on, it has been 11 days and for all that we know the plane could be in the ocean as we speak.

2) The author's goal is to provide information regarding the missing Flight 370 of the Malaysian Airlines.

3) The author doesn't used any biased information in this article.

4) If I were the author, I would've went into more details on bordering countries' perspective of the situation.

5) This article would be a featured article in our news magazine, showing our interests in current events.


Kanye West gets probation in paparazzi attack

1) Kanye West decided to overreact to paparazzi at a local airport. He was charged with a misdemeanor count of battery against a photographer. As a result, Kanye West has been sentenced to two years of probation with 24 anger management sessions, and must perform 250 hours of community service and pay restitution to the victim.

2) The author's goal is to summarize the story revolving the accident involving Kanye assaulting a photographer.

3) The author is biased because he seems to take the side of the photographer and doesn't show any love for Kanye.

4) If I were the author, I would have gotten quotes from Kanye West and Kim Kardashian.

5) This article does not belong in our news magazine.


Texas man dies after falling off Grand Canyon rim

1) A man from Texas visited the Grand Canyon to just go sight seeing. However, he took a fall for the worst when visiting the Grand Canyon. He had brought his family to the Grand Canyon on a Saturday morning when he had fell 350 ft to his death near the El Tovar Lounge. His body was found by the park rangers and he was not able to be saved.

2) The author's goal is to provide as much information regarding the story of the man's death at the Grand Canyon.

3) The author is not biased.

4) If I were the author, I would've added many more paragraphs and added quotes from sources close to the situation including the park rangers.

5) This article would be to graphic for our news magazine.


Jason Collins Says Unidentified NBA Player Has Used Gay Taunts Toward Him

1) Just recently, Jason Collins became the first active NBA player to openly admit himself being gay. He had signed a contract with the Brooklyn Nets this season and has had no issues until just recently. He won't identify who, but a NBA player has used gay taunts towards him which has effected him. The Brooklyn Nets have already began to take care of the occurring situation.

2) The author's goal is to define the situation regarding Jason Collins being bullied for being gay as unbiased as possible.

3) The author was biased when he said, "Perhaps if Collins were playing a bigger role or was a more prolific scorer, the buzz would be greater about his unprecedented situation. "

4) If I were the author, I would of told the story from different perspectives. From the Nets' owner perspective, Jason Collin's perspective, and from his teammates perspective.

5) This article would be a featured article in our news magazine, to show our school that bullying others about their sexual preference is wrong.


Michael Jordan Considered Himself a Racist When He Was a Teenager (longform)

1) Following the racism incident in the NBA recently, Michael Jordan gave his opinion on the situation. Michael Jordan brought up his childhood, and confessed that he was quite racist as a teenager. This is mainly because of where he was raised: the KKK was superior, he was showed a video called "Roots" about the suffering of the African Americans during slavery, and when he was called the "N" word in school in 1977 by a white girl.

2) The author's goal in this article is to show that Michael Jordan had the same view as Donald Sterling, but only when he was a teenager. Donald Sterling, despite a lifetime of opportunities, still hadn't changed his views of his perception of other races.

3) The author was biased towards the non-racism side, showing support to the majority of the NBA fans.

4) If I were the author, I would of referred to some of the quotes of Donald Sterling following the racism incident.

5) If this article were to be in our news magazine, this article would be a featured article to show our school about the racism that is still in this world.


Donald Sterling tells Anderson Cooper: I was 'baited' into 'a terrible mistake' (longform)

1) After Donald Sterling was allegedly recorded making racist comments, he was living under a rock for a week. He finally agreed to an interview with CNN's Anderson Cooper where he had confessed to what he believed what really happened. He apologized on national TV to the black community and reported that he believed he was "baited". He said that the woman he was thirty years older than had been recording her for two years and acted as if she had interest in him.

2) The author's goal in this article is to show that Donald Sterling is very apologetic following his racist remarks about black people attending Clipper games.

3) The author did a good job of not showing any signs of biased information, which is difficult in an article about racism.

4) If I were the author, I would have not changed anything about the article. It was perfectly written the way it was.

5) If this article were to be in our news magazine, it would be a featured article to show that every man has their downfalls.


Texas police officer defends shooting a 93-year-old woman (longform)

1) Texas police officer Stephen Stem was released from the Hearne Police Department following the death of a 93-year-old woman he had fatally shot. The woman was in possession of a firearm and would not put the gun down, resulting in her death. Stephen Stem was terminated because of this and defends himself believing that he is accused of being either a racist or a sexist. He believes that his termination is "unjust" and not fair at all, according to his attorney.

2) The author's goal is to provide both sides of the story to the audience following the termination of a Texas police officer who shot a 93-year-old woman.

3) The author showed biased information towards the former Texas police officer. He showed more of his side than the victim's side.

4) If I were the author, I would provide more quotes from the 93-year-old woman's family.

5) If this article were to be in our news magazine, it would be an UPROAR because an entitle opinion to the article would be appropriate.


Third body found after hot air balloon burns, crashes in Virginia (longform)

1) A hot air balloon took off and piloted into power lines last Saturday. Reports say it was not the pilots fault, but there is no explanation as to how and why it happened. Two people were reported to of jumped out before the balloon crashed, while some died on board the basket. The third body was recently found in Virginia, reports say.

2) The author's goal is to report what had happened that saturday evening when the hot air balloon crashed into power lines resulting in the death of innocent civilians.

3) The author does not show any signs of biased information in this article.

4) If I were the author, I would have relaxed on the quotes, there were too many in this article.

5) If this article were to be in our news magazine, it would be a featured article.


Texas panhandle wildfire 75% contained (longform)

1) A Texas wildfire has burned up to 1,500 acres while 700-800 people have been evacuated from their homes. The fire has destroyed over 100 homes so far. Authorities say that 75% of the fire has been contained. A cold front, however, has moved into the area and is to believed to have helped the fire fighters with the situation. Authorities have not determined a cause of the blaze.

2) The author's goal is to show the reports of the Texas Forest Service since the start of the Texas wildfire.

3) The author did not use any biased information in the making of this article.

4) If I were the author, I would provide more quotes from the Texas Forest Service, the governor of Texas, and victims in Hutchinson County.

5) This article does not belong anywhere in our news magazine.