5th Grade Cake Walk

Halloween Carnival !!

Our yearly fundraiser is coming up soon. We will need your help in order to provide our classroom with supplies needed throughout the year and the cost of admission for our annual field trip. You can volunteer by calling Mrs. _________ at __________. We will need parents, grandparents, etc. to work 30 minute intervals at our booth, but any amount of time will be greatly appreciated!! We are also asking that every student please bring 2 cakes to the school by 5 that afternoon. If this is not a convenient time or you will be unable to attend, you could also bring them by Mrs. White's room on Friday afternoon.

Saturday, Oct. 26th, 5pm

101 Gibson Street

Thorndale, TX


4:30 - 5:00 Set up

5:00 - ? We will close when we run out of goodies!! They go fast!!!